There was a time when showing one’s roots–those of hair–was condemned and tacky.  It was obvious the girl with two-toned, uneven hair color was in desperate need of a hair appointment.  But now, having two hair colors, conspicuously defined, has become one, if not the hair trend of the season. Celebs, models, and fashion icons are flocking to ombre hair, particularly brown roots and blond ends.  While I was initially hesitant about this new trend, as I’ve always liked the idea of evenly colored hair, I’ve begun to like the look and have even considered it.  For those of you interested, there are two ways to achieve this look.  Firstly, if one prefers a natural approach, simply wear a hat in the sun, so that the roots are covered and the ends are exposed.  This will obviously take time and sun, so one must be patient and in a sunny location.  However, if one prefers to go the salon route, get the roots darkened–or if they are already dark, let them be–and lighten the tips with a golden or caramel brown hue.  The benefit of the ombre hair look is that one can save money and time on hair, and don’t we all want that?  No more regular trips to and credit card swipes at the salon.


Drew Barrymore ombre hair

Emily Blunt ombre hair

Alexa Chung ombre hair

Rachel Bilson ombre hair

Jessica Biel ombre hair


While I’m still on the fence, albeit close to the ombre hair color side, I am certainly excited at the prospect of an economical, low-maintenance approach to hair.