Sometimes I like to put on Rocker Chick makeup with lots of dark and intense colors in my eyes, lips and nails. In order to achieve the look I want, I put on eyeliner inside my eyelids. The only problem is that an eyeliner that does the job is not easy to find anymore. I had an Almay pencil eyeliner, which is now discontinued, and I used it until it didn’t fit in the sharpener anymore. Since then I’ve been looking for a substitute and finally found one with Buxom cosmetics, I’m talking about Buxom Insider Eyeliner.

Buxom Inside Eyeliner







Now with the inside eyeliner you get the same quality, it’s very smooth and creamy and stays on for a long time without smudging. Because of my look I got the color Onyx (jet black), but they also have Emerald (evergreen), Amethyst (deep violet), Pearl (tru white) and many more.

Another very cool product is a cream eyeshadow called Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow which just glides on your lids and the different colors are very easy to combine. The names are very cute like Chihuahua (bright silver), Pug (smoky pewter), Bull Dog (intense royal blue) and many more.
Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow - Saint Bernard
Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow Collection
Not long ago, I wrote about Buxom’s plumpling lip polishes. They work great and you do get a little addicted to that plumping fresh and tingly feeling on your lips. As as exclusive for Sephora, Buxom is offering the Buxom Chronicles: Four of a Kind collection with Dolly (muted plum), Katie (pale pink), Trixie (shimmering golden rose) and Violetta (shimmering fuschia berry).
Buxom Chronicles: Four of a Kind
These are very fun and quality products!