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MyLipCandy Couture Lip Balm

Recently I received lip balm samples from a new company called MyLipCandy and I was just blown away by them.

I sampled the Banana Pudding Sweet Tube and the Chocolate Mint Sassy Tin. The first thing I noticed is the absolutely yummy smell, which is something I personally miss from the children’s lip balms. But the advantage is that even though it smells great, it doesn’t have a taste so you’re not tempted to “eat” it and drying up your lips. The balm is long lasting and very moisturizing, just applying it feels so luxurious.



tamika_hallI wanted to know more about MyLipCandy so I interviewed the creator Tamika Hall. She’s a best-selling author of eight books, professional public speaker, she has her own radio show “Tough Talk with Tamika”, as well as a career as a model, pageant coach, actress and award winning playwright. She has several clothing lines and now creator of this awesome beauty product.

How did MyLipCandy get started?
I created MyLipCandy out of sheer desperation and out of desire!  Sounds, crazy, I know, but let me explain. (smile) I have always loved lipgloss and lip balm, and I knew that I wanted to create my own line one day; I’ll be honest, I never thought I would ever be able to actually craft it myself, but this has been one incredible ride.  I made my first batch of lip balm as a thank you gift for some dancers in a show I’d choreographed!! And when I made it, I knew that I wanted to use all natural products because of a painful experience i’d had with my own lips.
A few years ago, I went through a period of extremely chapped lips that lasted for about two years. My lips were so chapped and swollen that it hurt to smile or talk. A few times I even went to the doctor because I knew there just had to be something seriously wrong, only to be told that my lips were just severely chapped. I realized that I needed to use all natural products on my lips, but I didn’t want to give up my love for glossy lips.  When I finally found a lipgloss that seemed to heal my lips, I was disappointed with the fact that it had a  stinky smell. When I decided to pursue MyLipCandy as my dream business, I knew that the product had to smell good enough to eat!

Where did you learn how and what to mix to create MyLipCandy?

I did a lot of research on safe products to mix together, and have actually acquired some mentors along the way.  It is so important to me that my products be safe, healing, and fun to use.

When did you sell your first MyLipCandy? Do you remember who bought it?
MyLipCandy is relatively young…we are just 6 weeks old! I made my first sale the day I posted that we were open for business on Facebook back in April.  I screamed when I got my first sale, I called my husband and my mother screaming. I definitely remember the first person, I am so blessed that they have come back over and over again and now send their family and friends too.

What has been the reaction to MyLipCandy?
It has been INCREDIBLE!  I gave out my first batch to my dancers on April 16, It was their reaction to the product that made me stop and say “hmmm…this may be your dream lip line.” From there I have been getting rave reviews about the silky texture of our products and how they have helped to heal severely chapped lips throughout the United States and Canada.  We currently have 16 flavors and offer them in both a Sweet Tube or Sassy Tin, and we are getting ready to introduce our BALMalicious Lip Gloss in the next few days for those who need a little bling in their life – in a nutshell, we have something for everyone young and mature.

Where can we buy MyLipCandy?
MyLipCandy is available online at, and we have a growing number of retailers around the Country that are signing up everyday to offer it in their salons.

Which one is more popular, the tin or the tube?
Honestly, they run neck and neck.  The Sassy Tin is just that…it’s for the sassy woman who likes to dip her finger into the lip balm. Most women tell me that they feel sexy when they use the tin.  The Sweet Tube is for the woman who is still a Diva but would prefer not to use the tube.

I love the candy fragrance, how do you choose which one to produce?
I get a lot of suggestions from customers.  I actually just received a list from a little girl in Delaware who wanted to ‘suggest’ approximately fifty different flavors (laughing).  I love getting those letters and emails.  At the end of the day, I look at suggestions, but I have to feel comfortable with the flavors I produce.  I may actually work on a certain flavor for a week or more.  The flavors have to resonate with me, if I wouldn’t put it on my own lips, then it isn’t something I can offer to my customers.

Is there anything more you would like to add?
Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell the world about MyLipCandy! Also, if there are women who want to try some of our lip balm or salons, spas, or stores interested in carrying our brand, they can log onto or email [email protected] for more information.

All About the Lips

Being blessed as I am with tiny lips, I depend on products that will help me put them out there and as it is for everything that has to do with cosmetics, the choices are endless. Beginning with the choice of which product to use, a lip gloss, lipstick, lip stain or lip plumper. So let’s see what options are out there.
If you want some color on your lips without actually putting on color, then a Lip Gloss is your best bet. They keep your lips looking moist and you can find them in clear, translucent, or other shades. They can be worn alone, especially in the daytime or on top of your lipstick to give it an extra kick. The only thing about lip glosses is that you run the risk of looking like you have honey on your lips, subtlety is always best. My favorites are the ones with wands, like this one from NARS.

nars_lip_glossOr the Vitamin-Infused Lip gloss from Tarte.
This one from the Sephora Collection is one of my favorites. I bought one for my sister and her Chihuahua bit it, really hard. She thought it was a goner, but even though those little teeth really dug in, the plastic resisted, not a drop spilled out. And that little dog has destroyed quite a few things.

Lip stains are designed to stain the lips with long-lasting color which will resist wear, the difference with a lipstick is that a lip stain doesn’t contain wax. The end result can be matte and once the stain dries its very long lasting. The lip stain can be combined with lip gloss, although some of the products in the market will add a moisturizer, like this one from Laura Mercier.

laura_mercier_lip_stainOr Lip Envy by Urban Decay


Of course, we have our good ol’ Lipstick. Throughout time the use or lack of use has symbolized freedom, sluttiness, rebellion, femenism and more. Lipstick contains pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that applies color and texture to the lips. Every cosmetic brand has a line of different color lipsticks, and to me, there’s just something sexy about lipsticks. Like Private Lipstick from DuWop.


Or Full-Finish Lipstick from Benefit.


Last, but not least, Lip Plumpers. I just love to feel pouty lips and even though the effect is temporary, its way better than doing collagen injections or anything like that. My personal favorite is Avon’s Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color.


And for plumping lip glosses nothing is better than Buxom Lips.


As I said before, so many choices and only or two can be used at a time, not fair!

Buxom – Fun and Quality Cosmetics

Sometimes I like to put on Rocker Chick makeup with lots of dark and intense colors in my eyes, lips and nails. In order to achieve the look I want, I put on eyeliner inside my eyelids. The only problem is that an eyeliner that does the job is not easy to find anymore. I had an Almay pencil eyeliner, which is now discontinued, and I used it until it didn’t fit in the sharpener anymore. Since then I’ve been looking for a substitute and finally found one with Buxom cosmetics, I’m talking about Buxom Insider Eyeliner.

Buxom Inside Eyeliner







Now with the inside eyeliner you get the same quality, it’s very smooth and creamy and stays on for a long time without smudging. Because of my look I got the color Onyx (jet black), but they also have Emerald (evergreen), Amethyst (deep violet), Pearl (tru white) and many more.

Another very cool product is a cream eyeshadow called Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow which just glides on your lids and the different colors are very easy to combine. The names are very cute like Chihuahua (bright silver), Pug (smoky pewter), Bull Dog (intense royal blue) and many more.
Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow - Saint Bernard
Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow Collection
Not long ago, I wrote about Buxom’s plumpling lip polishes. They work great and you do get a little addicted to that plumping fresh and tingly feeling on your lips. As as exclusive for Sephora, Buxom is offering the Buxom Chronicles: Four of a Kind collection with Dolly (muted plum), Katie (pale pink), Trixie (shimmering golden rose) and Violetta (shimmering fuschia berry).
Buxom Chronicles: Four of a Kind
These are very fun and quality products!


Buxom Lips for Pout-Plumping Perfection

Now that we’re in the summer mood, full-on lipstick is not exactly the best thing when you are at the beach, sight seeing, shopping or just out in the sun. In times like these, a great lip gloss will do the trick to keep you looking femenine, polished and natural.

Buxom Lips

An awesome lip gloss I just discovered comes from Buxom Lips; this is a fun and flirty product line from Bare Escentuals. The great thing about this product is that it’s a lip plumper. As you put it on, you immediately feel a cool and tingling sensation on your lips; according to the company: “86% of women experienced an immediate increase in Lip Fullness.” And I’m lucky to be one of those 86%, I love how my lips feel and it stays on for a long time.

Another thing I love about the product is the packaging, it’s so cute it feels like a crime to throw it away. I also like the names of the colors, such as Amber, Bianca, Dolly, Isabella, Trixie; each one with an unique look and personality.

Buxom Babes

The one I choose for myself was Vanessa, a full-color lip polish, so my lip gloss has an extra kick of color and what I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t feel sticky or like you have honey on your lips. And even if I repeat myself, I have to say I do feel the plump…big time. As well as more feminine and flirty.

Buxom Lip Gloss

As always before purchasing I checked if the company tests on animals and they don’t. Also their product doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates or phtalates. You can find these items at Sephora for $18 each or a you can get a set for $28. You can also purchase the items at Buxom directly.

Enjoy your Glossy, Full Lips!

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