It’s never too early to think about Halloween! Celebrate the enthusiastic obsessions that define geekiness this Halloween. Pull off the girl version of Sheldon Cooper, America’s favorite super-geek character from CBS’s Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon’s look is geeky, clever, and cute enough to show you have a great eye for style, and are willing to push boundaries on makes a great outfit!

Interpreting the character of Sheldon will help you create the perfect costume. Here are some things you should keep in mind while compiling the costume:

  • He’s a Caltech theoretical physicist
  • He’s into science, math, and history
  • He lives with his colleague and best friend, Leonard Hofstadter
  • He loves routines, and playing by the rules
  • He’s socially awkward
  • He’s vocal about his beyond-genius intelligence level
  • He’s also idiosyncratic and germaphobic

Here are some of Sheldon’s classic looks.

image of sheldon cooper style

While Sheldon doesn’t care about fashion, he loves graphic t-shirts and plaid. He layers a lot! Luckily pattern mixing is trendy, so if you dress like Sheldon you will be on trend! Here is my recommendation on pieces that would work together to create to ultimate Sheldon look. Feel free to use the images above as inspiration for your own Sheldon costume!

image of Dress like Sheldon Cooper
Captain America stud earring | POW Pendant Necklace | Rittenhouse cardigan | Batman Tee | Plaid Shorts | Long sleeve v-neck | Blue tights | Hudson shoes