Hello friends!  Excuse my late post on American Idol, I was traveling yesterday and once I saw the results show I needed a little time  to pout about Paul going home.


Seems like many people have a love hate relationship with this show.  I know I certainly do.  I’m not going to make empty threats and say that I won’t watch it because my guy went home.  Besides, that would only end up disappointing my readers!  All I know is that if voting was solely up to me Pia would have made it to top 3 and Paul would have made it to top 5.


Anyway, my plan of attack for next week’s blog is going to be “American Idol: Crap the judges should of said.” Because I’m just so tired of them not critiquing anyone.   The most entertaining part of the show is Jimmy Iovine & Will.I.Am. And all the buzz this week was how the contestants bucked the system, stood up for what they believed in, chose the songs they wanted to sing… which obviously translates to the viewers at home that they are seasoned artists, smarter than management, are so creative and yada yada yada. I mean truly I didn’t feel like even writing a blog Wednesday night, as I usually do, because the show frustrated me so much.


It’s not the weekly outcome that irritates me. The votes come in, someone has to go home and really winning the competition doesn’t mean much. The show is good exposure whether you make it to the end or not.



This is what gets me.  I think many people watch the show and think they are getting some sort of inside look into the industry. And while I certainly enjoy the clips from the studio, it’s not even close to showing the process of making an album.   And once the contestants are locked into a record deal, sure, they will be able to express their opinion but ultimately the label is going to be calling the shots.   The people with the money have control and the artist is going to do what they say.   It’s a constant struggle in this industry as an artist trying to keep your identity and create the music you believe in as opposed to the music that the label thinks will sell.   It’s hard for even the seasoned talent on labels to get their voices heard when it comes to making a record.   I don’t for a second believe that the winner of this glorified karaoke contest is going to have a say in the studio.   And it’s not like I’m the biggest Jimmy Iovine fan in the world but I just find what they are doing to be a  little disrespectful.   They are making a big deal out of the contestants choosing their own songs, the judges praise them, and it’s like “good job, you showed Jimmy who’s boss.” News flash: Jimmy Iovine is a successful man in the industry and has been around a lot longer than you, he knows what’s up.

Anyway thats my rant.  Well actually I have a few other complaints, such as,  the hate mail getting sent to Stefano. I don’t get how that makes someone feel better, it’s like bullying. Stefano doesn’t control the votes, I feel bad for him. I actually don’t like when anyone has ignorant things to say about any of the contestants. I like that people have opinions. Music is so personal though, and all the contestants are talented in their own way. I’m not asking anyone to love Paul. But I don’t understand the people that think he is a complete joke. I guess they are probably the same people that say Bob Dylan or Rod Stewart can’t sing. I like unique voices. And I think I have finally decided who I want to take the “top prize.” Haley Reinhart. Did you catch her performance with Casey last night? So major! Check it out below.