Never in my life I thought I would say this: I love a Sean John fragance. I know! I’m as shocked as you are, but hear me out. I received a small sample of Sean John Unforgivable Shimmer Body Lotion.


I took a shower and with my skin clear of any other product used the shimmering body lotion. The shimmer is very light as is the fragrance, eventually I went to sleep and next morning I could still smell the fragrance in a very pleasing way. It’s not neccesarily a good moisturizing cream but it is great if you want a light fragrance on you that won’t overwhelm especially if you are thinking of spending the night cuddling with your loved one.
I haven’t tried the perfume yet, but next time I go through a department store I’ll be sure to spray on some on my wrist. Of course, every perfume reacts differently depending on our body chemistry and while I loved the fragrance others might not like it. So be sure to try it before you purchase, you might be surprised as I was.