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Crane & Canopy: Quality Home Decor At Attractive Prices

San Francisco based Crane & Canopy launched earlier this week as a new online retailer in home decor.

What was the impetus? 

When I purchased my first home, I wanted to decorate it with superior quality and beautiful designs at a price point that didn’t make purchasing home goods seem like an investment… I talked with many of my friends who were also decorating their homes, and almost all of them were frustrated by the same things – expensive price tags and limited selection of affordable styles. That was my ‘aha!’ moment for creating Crane & Canopy. Karin Shieh, co-founder and head of marketing at Crane & Canopy.  

Shieh and partner Christopher Sun are using the “no middleman” approach to eCommerce, a trend that seems to be sweeping the retail industry. This direct-to-consumer model allows them to sell department store quality and design at attractive price points. High quality at low prices should appeal to their target market: young, urban females. I’m thinking their market is probably a lot like you and me: shoppers of West Elm, CB2, and local decor boutiques.
The company launched with their inaugural bedding collection inspired by San Francisco neighborhoods. Why bedding? After conducting research, Karin and Christopher learned that shopping for bedding is a big pain point for women. Check out some of my favorite designs:

image of Crane and Canopy Bedding

top: The Ashbury. middle: The Sunset. bottom: The Marina blue.

Crane & Canopy Bedding Details:

  • Signature two-toned duvet is an easy solution for dressing up any bed.
  • Standard duvets have hidden zip closures and ties to keep the duvets in place.
  • Prices start at $99 for a queen/full sized duvet cover.
  • Bedding features 300+ thread-count, 100% cotton, extra long staple cotton.
  • Sizes range from Full to Cal-King.

Wood Adds A Contemporary Twist

When it comes to home decor, wood is in the spotlight this year. Not only is it being used for furniture and cabinetry; designers are incorporating wood details into wall panels, and home interiors. The use of wood creates great accents and textures in the home. Coupled with the eco-friendly movement, the design world has embraced natural wood with much enthusiasm. And it appears consumers are just as enthusiastic about this new trend!

Let’s start with decor: layering wood textures and accents ties the indoors to the outdoors. Additionally it’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to enhance your interiors with nature’s own sculptures. You can add “found” branches to floor vases and driftwood to tabletops. Eco design embraces the beauty that exists in wood and places its character on display in the form of home decor.

wood floor planks as wall paneling

solid wood headboard

refurbished wood doors used as a headboard

wood side tables and trims

twig lighting

We can’t forget about how glamorous wood furniture can look. When I think of furniture, I think of dining tables — but wood can be used to make many amazing pieces beyond the dining room. On top of that, wood furniture can take any shape and can be simple, modern, ornate, or vintage looking. Wood furniture tends to be better on the environment, it is incredibly durable and will outlast furniture made of other materials by years. Looking for some great basic pieces for your home? Try this oak here from the furniture market.

Here are a few favorites found online that will bring the trend of natural wood into your home too.

wood dining tables

knotty wood coffee table

wood wall paneling, light & dresser

twig side table

wood kitchen table

Don’t believe wood furniture and decor is a big movement? It’s listed as one of the Top 10 Furniture Trends of the Decade.


Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

There is a lot to consider when shopping for bedroom furniture. Dimensions, room size, durability (especially if you have children) and aesthetics. Of course you want something that looks great!

Why not decide on a theme? Oak and pine furniture look very elegant and grown-up. Both woods are hard-wearing and will last a long time. If you opt for oak or pine furniture, make sure your room is on the larger side, or your bedroom could end up looking rather cramped and uninviting.image of Oak Bedroom Furniture

If your room is large and you have extra money to spend, why not have your bedroom designed and fitted specifically to your tastes. Many furniture stores offer deals and discounts when you buy everything from them. By doing this, you can ensure every piece of furniture coordinates. Going with this options allows you to have input every step of the way – the result will be a bedroom that is tailored to you and your needs, as well as a design you love. Shop around to get the best deal and be sure to check out the furniture guarantee.

image of dark pine bedroom furniture

Smaller rooms call for lighter furniture, and not just in color. That four-poster cherry wood bed may have looked fantastic on the shop floor, but if you don’t have any floor space left when you get it into your bedroom, it will be a bit inconvenient. Sofa beds are a great compromise for a small room and are available in a range of colors and styles. Sofa beds are also ideal for studio apartments too. Make sure the bed you desire is suitable for everyday usage (not all of them are) to ensure you get the most out of the furniture.

image of sofa beds

image of Multifungsi-Sofa-Bed-Design-from-Momentoitalia

Many online stores often have good deals on bedroom furniture if money is a bit tight to shell out all at once, and their guarantees mean if anything goes wrong, you will be covered for replacements or repair, providing the item is still under warranty.

Colorblock Thursday

Who doesn’t love a little color to get them through the grueling workweek.

Here are some of my favorite color inspirations today!

image of colorblock kitchen

This might as well be called the Pantone color kitchen. I really dig this look, especially with the strangely clean counter and tabletop. I think the look could easily go south if countertop appliances and accessories aren’t white, great or a very basic color. I admire anyone who can pull this look off int their kitchen!

image of Colorblock Fashion 2010

Here are some of the best of the best colored pieces this year.

  • Sergio Rossi Block-Color Sandals, $277.50, available at
  • Forever 21 Colorblocked Sheath Dress, $13.99, available at
  • Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière Leather Sandals, $1,495, available at Balenciaga Boutique NYC
  • Derek Lam Colorblock Dress, $1,390, available at Barneys.comimage of colorblock bedroomFinally, so fun way to play up an otherwise white bedroom.

Ideas from IKEA: I prefer the word ‘frugal,’ thank you very much

Finally! My 2011 IKEA catalog came in the mail! With a generous glossy, full-color 300+ pages of home furnishings amazingness, it did not disappoint. I pored over it, impressed with the company’s commitment to innovation, an environmentally-friendly mindset, and affordable design. Now, being from Kansas City, Missouri–with the nearest IKEA in Chicago–I’ve never actually been to an IKEA store. I’ve heard about them, I’ve read about them, and I’ve seen one on TV (from this one scene from 500 Days of Summer, a movie that I’ve only seen bits of), but never have I actually acquired the IKEA shopping experience. Hopefully, this will change next month when college starts up again, and my roommates and I hit up the IKEA in Ohio for the purpose of furnishing our 4 bedroom townhouse apartment. We’re college students with limited funds; therefore, our budget ranges from “Hey! Pull over! There’s a plaid armchair by the side of the road!” to “Please, sir. The stuffing is coming out a bit. Surely you can give us a discount.”

Even though we will be cutting some serious cost, style does not have to be completely sacrificed. Luckily for the design-conscious and financially-unconscious, I found some affordable (for others), stylish pieces from IKEA that looks like they cost much more than they actually do. Here’s a small sample. Take a look. (Wanna check out the catalog yourself? Visit IKEA’s Online Catalog.)

Tips for the design and budget frustrated: Even if your stuff is crappy and inexpensive, keeping your house clutter-free and purposeful will result in a space that will look better than the vast majority’s. Cherish what you have and make it a point to feel good about everything you buy. Treat and arrange everything as if they were all expensive designer pieces. Because one day they will be.

Left: VATE table lamp ($9.99) Right: VATE table lamp ($12.99): For that exotic flair in a dark room. 

EKTORP TULLSTA chair ($149): For an instant, stylish pop of color! Will work in both modern and traditional rooms.

Left: NISSE folding chair ($12.99) Right: JEFF folding chair ($9.99): Yay! Folding chairs don't all have to look bad! 

VIKA AMON/VIKA LERBERG table ($39.99): If you want a workstation that really looks like a workstation!

HOPEN bed frame ($149 full): A twist on a modern platform bed.

KLOBO loveseat ($149): Clean and solid. Reminds me of a marshmallow. Throw on some pillows or a throw for color. 

LACK series wall shelf unit ($49.99), coffee table ($19.99), side table ($9.99): For a minimalist look.


Japanese Simplicity-Part 2: Bedding

Welcome to Week 2 of Japanese Simplicity—clearing your interior environment to rejuvenate your mind!

Have you cleared out the stale energy of those drawers full of old lipsticks and receipts yet?  In last week’s Part 1: Decluttering, we emphasized the importance of having clean and open spaces as the foundations of a smooth-running, well-designed, stylish household. This week we’ll discuss the joys of simplicity when it comes to beds and what to look for in frames and bedding to evoke that feel of serenity for that perfect night’s sleep.

Here’s a quick review the seven Japanese design aesthetic principles:

  • Kanso: simplicity and elimination of clutter. Key word: clarity
  • Fukinsei: asymmetry or irregularity. Relax—imperfections are what make life beautiful and engaging!
  • Shibumi: elegant, understated, minimalistic. Less is more.
  • Shizen: organic. Raw creativity with a purpose.
  • Yugen: subtle suggestions rather than statements. Think well-placed splashes of color.
  • Datsuzoku: freedom from the day-to-day and ordinary. Let a few things in your home take you away from home.
  • Seijaku: active calm, tranquility. Still, but never stagnant.

Traditional Japanese beds are called futons, thick comforter-like bedding that is placed on the floor that can rolled up and tucked away in a closet to save space. Of course, such asceticism is really unnecessary (unless the three of you are sharing a cramped studio apartment), but effective bedding should capture the same simplicity and lack of adornment. Let’s first take a look at some model bed frames that embody Japanese design principles.


Keyword search: modern, contemporary, platform bed

The most minimalistic of all beds, the platform bed eliminates the need of a box-spring mattress foundation by supporting the mattress directly on top of its flat, horizontal surface. Sophisticated and simple, these beds will add an air of tranquility to your spaces and make them seem bigger.

Modern Platform Bed

Staccato Bed by

Note the sharp, pristine lines and solid headboard. Dark-grained woods give an exceptionally dramatic effect. *sigh* Art. Simply put.

Isabella Modern.

Look for variations in underbed storage and period styles.

Malm Bed by IKEA

Oh my gosh! One a college kid can actually afford!


Bedding is the most expressive feature of the bedroom and should be used to showcase your personal style and creativity! Avoid those drab bed-in-a-bags and mix and match your own combinations of pillowcases, sheets, and duvets. To infuse that effortless Japanese flair into your room, put together bedding sets that have:

  • Natural fabrics (cotton and cotton blends) for a comfortable, breathable feel
  • 300+ thread count
  • Minimum or nonexistent accessories
  • Airy, colorful, bright floral or whimsical prints

Anthropologieand Urban Outfitters carry amazing sheet sets and duvet colors that fit the bill perfectly. J’aime these prints!! Have a look (images are linked to product pages).

Sunbird Sheet Set by Anthropologie

Filigree Leaf Sheet Set by

Filigree Leaf Sheet Set by

50's Birdcage Duvet Cover

50’s Birdcage Duvet Cover by

Birdie Stamp Duvet Cover

Birdie Stamp Duvet Cover by

UO Falling Leaves Quilt

Falling Leaves by Urban Outfitters

Don’t you just feel more peaceful and relaxed already?

Stay tuned for more Japanese simplicity for your home next week! I’m not sure what I’ll write about yet, but I’ll think of something. Maybe like storage and desks. Yeah. That sounds good.

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