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Fall 2012 shoe alert

Jeffrey Campbell strides into Fall 2010

Luscious, polished, tan, and rugged.  I’m talking about this years boot trends!  Ladies, it’s time to stop fantasizing about Fall’s most sought after accessory and go get yourself a pair!

Over the years, Jeffrey Campbell has pretty much become a household name in footwear.  JC has produced some of the trendiest and affordable shoes, worn by fashionista’s all over the globe!

Bloggers wearing Jeffrey Campbell-Late Afternoon,

My Top 10 favorite Jeffrey Campbell’s for Fall 2010!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Brisbane $192 (Need Supply)

2. Jeffrey Campbell Two-Tone Dippy Wedge $193 (Pixie Market)

3. Jeffrey Campbell Bjork $230 (Need Supply)

4. Jeffrey Campbell Sheman $175 (Need Supply)

5. Jeffrey Campbell Tick Cork Wedge $99.99 (Need Supply)

6. Jeffrey Campbell Lace-Up $198 (Urban Outfitters)

7. Jeffrey Campbell Wedge $128 (Urban Outfitters)

8. Jeffrey Campbell Roby Python $89.99 (Need Supply)

9. Jeffrey Campbell Christie $145 (Need Supply)

10. Jeffrey Campbell Ludlow  $179 (Pixie Market)

Many shoes produced by Jeffrey Campbell (and other companies like, Aldo) tend to be a “re-created” version of higher-end labels.  The architectural wooden heel of the JC Brisbane boot is similar to the Marni wedges seen on the Fall 2010 runway.  And the JC Lace-Up boot resembles the Ann Demeulemeester boots (which cost about $1500) from last season.

If Jeffrey Campbell shoes are out of your price range…check out Forever21 or H&M…they tend to do a good knock-off!

Hunter Welly’s are for lounging

Hunter Boots welly warmers red

Hunter Boot Welly Warmers ($30) have been around for a few season. But they’ve recently come into style as fashionable lounge-wear stockings. Welly Warmers are available in a variety of colors, making this a great gift for even your most difficult friend, you know – the one who only wears pink (ew). And of course, if you already own Hunter Rain Boots purchasing a pair of Welly Warmers is a no brainer. (If you don’t own Hunter Rain Boots, you’re missing out)

Hunter Boots welly warmers

Monthly Subscription for Shoes


Kim Kardashian is the Founder and Chief Stylist of ShoeDazzle, which offers monthly shoe subscriptions to its users.

Users of ShoeDazzle begin their membership by taking a fashion survey to build the users style preference profile. Each month, ShoeDazzle’s sends the user an email with five new shoe choices, handpicked to suit her personality and fashion preferences. The user logs into the site to select the pair she wants, and it gets shipped out for free. Monthly membership costs $39.00, which covers the shoes and shipping. Members can skip a month’s selections, in which case they won’t be charged; they can also return or exchange shoes they don’t like.

Desert Boots for Ladies


Desert boots have been prevalent on stylish male college students and professors alike in the past. These days, the desert boot is having a cool moment for the ladies too. Paired with Slim cut pants and socks these boots are a great option for surviving the colder months ahead.

Above boots: Clarks Vintage Sand Boots, $100, available at Clarks Online; Topshop Alpine Boots, $160, available at Topshop.

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