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Inspired Nails – Nail Art Decals

One more post about nails and then I’ll move on, promise!

I’m subscribed to a site called its a great online boutique that showcases one artisan at a time. Many of the products can be found at websites such as, but at Bellechic you get the items on sale! Thanks to this website I discovered Inspired Nails, they have the coolest nail decals at great prices!



Since this was the first time I used Inspired Nails decals, I decided to go for the safe option and ordered a few of the Halloween black & clear accent decals to try them out. This is what I got in the mail.



In this case, the background nail polish color can be anything as long as its in a neutral or light color to give contrast to the black & clear accent decal. I choose Special Effects Holographic Glitter by Nails, Inc as the background.

The application was very easy, the instructions were clear and they even sent a few extras so I could practice. So far I’ve had them on for three days and they haven’t peeled off.





Inspired Nails also offers full nail decals with beautiful works of art, I plan to let my nails grow a little more and try one of them. Will be very hard to choose! They also offer full coverage nails which can be applied with glue or adhesive tape, French tips, toe tip and the full nail decal.

This is very affordable nail art that will look very expensive!

Nails, Inc. Top Coats

Thanks to the new Magnetic Nail Polish, the company Nails, Inc. grabbed my attention and it has held it since! I’ve tried two additional items from the Nails, Inc. product line: a regular top coat and a glitter top coat. Here’s what I thought of them:

Special Effects Electric Lane Holographic Glitter Top Coat



This nail polish is very unique, each brush stroke adds very fine glitter, without looking tacky or like it belongs on a tween. I noticed it tended to matte vibrant colors; but it looks just right on very light or dark polish.

Add it to your bare nails and they will look amazing, it gives a very clean look, subtle but also gets them noticed. One or two coats are just right, but a third coat brings out the holographic effect a lot more. Even though this polish is a top coat I don’t like the glitter’s rough feel, so I add a clear top coat to smooth it out.

This is a perfect polish for the Holiday Season. Right now I’m using it on top of a snowflake design and it looks amazing, very professional.

Kensington Caviar Top Coat


There are several reasons why this is my new favorite top coat. The main one is their claim that the polish dries in 45 seconds, I used a timer to check for myself and I found it’s completely true. In some cases it completely dries out in 30 seconds, I haven’t used my polish fast-drying spray in weeks!

Another reason I prefer this top coat is that I noticed it helps me “set” my nail art, making the design smoother, as well as very glossy and chip resistant. Using quality nail polish will make your nails look like they’re professionally “done” even if you did it yourself in your pajamas while watching TV.

Magnetic Polish by Nails, Inc

I have to hand it to Sephora, they did a good job building up the excitment for Nails, Inc new product, the Magnetic Polish.


I first saw the introduction video from the Sephora YouTube Channel and after that I started hounding the store with calls and popping in the store every time I was nearby. Finally the product arrived and I got it!

Right now the following two colors are available for purchase

Trafalgar Square (chrome)


Houses of Parliament (purple)


And the new color, soon to be available, Whitehall Teal (teal)


The whole excitement is because this is something new in nail polish, and the name says it all, it’s Magnetic, it uses a special magnet in order to create a ripple 3D type effect on the nails that cannot be replicated with a brush. This is really the easiest way to do nail art by yourself; no need of extra tools or even a steady hand. Just apply one coat, let it dry, apply a second coat, use the magnet and see the magic in seconds!

This video explains a little more how to apply it:

When applied with a base and top coat, the polish will remain without chipping for at least 5 days if not more. One thing is for sure, now that Nails, Inc is in my radar I’ll be trying their other polish and will tell you the results, one I’m particularly interested in is the Kensington Caviar Top Coat. And finally here’s a pic of my nails taken with my favorite model.


Fall 2011 Nail Polish Colors

This season’s colors are all about bold jeweled tones, all inspired by fashion, designers and determined to make your nails pop, no matter the length, these colors will get them (and you) noticed.

Designer Series Collection

Ultimate Glamour. Extraordinary Brilliance.

DS Temptation, DS Bold, DS Radiance, DS Extravangance



DS Magic, DS Mystery, DS Reserve, DS Reflection




DS Opulence, DS Classic, DS Glow, DS Top Coat




Sephora by OPI
Garden of Good & Evil Collection

Inspired by the rich jewel-tones, exotic feather accessories, and cascading silk gowns featured on fall runways, SEPHORA by OPI’s Garden of Good & Evil collection is as high fashion and extravagant as the trends that inspired them.

Designer Fig Leaf (metallic olive green), My Personal Serpent (dark teal), What’s Your Poison (glittery cranberry red), Eve-y On the Eyes (metallic grape), Sin-cerely Violet (metallic lilac), Frankly I Don’t Give A-Dam (light gray),  Tempted by Teal (metallic teal)
Birds of a Feather

Take flight with ORLY’s Birds of a Feather color collection. A rich collection of shimmering iridescents and deep cremes reminiscent of a beautiful flock of bird feathers.

Fowl Play, Lucky Duck, Nite Owl, Peachy Parrot, Sea Gurl, Sweet Peacock


orly_birds of feather_2011orly_fall_2011

Nails, Inc. London
Colour Collection – Autumn

A set of four professionally formulated, catwalk-inspired nail colors.

Charing Cross (classic red), Fenchurch Street (warm caramel), Paddington (dark smoky gray), St. Pancras (burgundy wine)




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