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Fall 2011 Nail Polish Colors

This season’s colors are all about bold jeweled tones, all inspired by fashion, designers and determined to make your nails pop, no matter the length, these colors will get them (and you) noticed.

Designer Series Collection

Ultimate Glamour. Extraordinary Brilliance.

DS Temptation, DS Bold, DS Radiance, DS Extravangance



DS Magic, DS Mystery, DS Reserve, DS Reflection




DS Opulence, DS Classic, DS Glow, DS Top Coat




Sephora by OPI
Garden of Good & Evil Collection

Inspired by the rich jewel-tones, exotic feather accessories, and cascading silk gowns featured on fall runways, SEPHORA by OPI’s Garden of Good & Evil collection is as high fashion and extravagant as the trends that inspired them.

Designer Fig Leaf (metallic olive green), My Personal Serpent (dark teal), What’s Your Poison (glittery cranberry red), Eve-y On the Eyes (metallic grape), Sin-cerely Violet (metallic lilac), Frankly I Don’t Give A-Dam (light gray),  Tempted by Teal (metallic teal)
Birds of a Feather

Take flight with ORLY’s Birds of a Feather color collection. A rich collection of shimmering iridescents and deep cremes reminiscent of a beautiful flock of bird feathers.

Fowl Play, Lucky Duck, Nite Owl, Peachy Parrot, Sea Gurl, Sweet Peacock


orly_birds of feather_2011orly_fall_2011

Nails, Inc. London
Colour Collection – Autumn

A set of four professionally formulated, catwalk-inspired nail colors.

Charing Cross (classic red), Fenchurch Street (warm caramel), Paddington (dark smoky gray), St. Pancras (burgundy wine)




Spring 2011: OPI and Orly Collections

Soon it will be time to put away those glorious dark nail polish colors we used during autumn and winter and give way for the new spring / summer collection from my favorite brands OPI and Orly. I collected the following information from the blogosphere and not in stores yet, this is a sneak preview of what will come in March / April time-frame.

Orly Precious Collection


  • Pure Porcelain
  • Gilded Coral
  • Fancy Fuchsia
  • Ancient Jade
  • Sapphire Silk
  • Royal Velvet


OPI Texas Collection


  • Austin-tatious Turquoise
  • Big Hair…Big Nails
  • Do You Think I’m Tex-y
  • Don’t Mess with OPI
  • Guy Meets Gal-veston
  • Houston We Have a Purple
  • I Vant to be a A-Lone Star
  • It’s Totally Fort Worth It
  • San Tan-tonio
  • Suzi Loves Cowboys
  • Too Hot Pink to Hold’Em
  • Y’all Come Back Ya Hear


The following are some of OPI’s separate collections and must admit I wasn’t too thrilled that GLEE and Justin Bieber are the faces behind the collections, but the colors actually look pretty cool and some will benefit a good cause.

Nicole By OPI

The One Less Lonely Girl Collection

This one has Justin Bieber behind it and supports the Pencils of Promise charity, which is dedicated to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world.


Sephora by OPI

GLEE Collection

Each shade representing a character of the TV Show. Featuring:

  • Diva-in-Training (Santana Lopez
  • Slushied (Finn Hudson)
  • Hell to the No (Mercedes Jones)
  • Mash Up (Will Schuester)
  • Who Let the Dorks Out (Sue Sylvester)
  • Miss Bossy Pants (Rachel Berry)
  • Gleek Out (Kurt Hummel)


I already saw several colors I just need! But in the meantime I’ll be stocking up on the awesome winter collection colors while they last.

OPI and Orly Summer Collection

Whether you have them long or short, strong or brittle, nails will always look great with the right nail polish. I’m sure everyone will agree there is nothing better than a professional manicure and pedicure; not only does it feel nice to be pampered, but the result is so much better than what we can do at home….or so we think.

In order to get the professional look, the first thing we need to do is to invest in the best nail polish available. My personal favorites are Orly and Opi, as you can see in the OPI’s Summer Flutter collection, the colors are not only fun, but you can expect high quality.
OPI Summer Flutter
As for Orly, they are offering the Viva Collection, four shades that are perfect for the summer and with the proper application will last all week.
Orly Viva Collection
In order for your polish to last as long as possible you need to polish them properly. That means take your time, do it while your watching a movie or TV show and have the patience to add layer after layer of polish. If you are like me there is little time during the week to think about your nails or worry about them chipping, so it is essential that you use one or two layers of a proper base coat, at least two layers of your favorite color and finally one of two layers of top coat.
OPI Base & Top Coat
If you are unsure about what shades would look good with your skin tone, go to the OPI website, they offer an interactive feature where you can customize your skin tone and nail length. Click on the “Try on this color” link and you can play with the different shades and see what looks better on you.
And for the artist in you the Orly website has a section dedicated to the Instant Artist, with instructions and videos on how to create amazing designs on your nails.
Orly Instant Artist
My personal trick to have strong nails came from my favorite manicurist. She told me to eat Jello gelatin every day since it contains keratin and it helps with nail and hair strength. From my personal experience I did feel a difference on my nails, and it doesn’t hurt that Jello is a tasty low fat snack……so eat away.
You can find Orly and OPI nail products at stores like Sephora as well as Beauty Supply stores like Sally Beauty. The prices range from $6.00 to $9.00, this is one of the best investments you can do for your beautiful hands.
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