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Karl for Christmas

Looking for a small something for your fashion friends? Then the Karl Lagerfeld snow globe might take your fancy.

The snow globe has been created to go along with Lagerfeld’s capsule makeup collection that will be sold exclusively at Sephora (more details on his makeup line to come shortly). The snow globe features a quote from the designer.

image of karl lagerfeld snow globe

Mon plus grand luxe est de n’avoir a me justifier aupres de personne.

For those of us who aren’t francophones, the quote translates to “My greatest luxury is never to have to justify myself too anyone.”



Book Bust: Karl Lagerfeld for Les 3 Suisses

Not being French, or growing up reading through the famous French mail-order catalog: Les 3 Suisses: A French Fashion Story, I was first introduced to this catalog when the story hit that Chanel and Fendi Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld shot some pages for this mass business of fashion catalog. From luxury to mass market, the Kaiser has covered all areas of our lives.

For the catalog, Karl worked with top model Iris Strubegger to add some high value to the smallest priced clothes (and production budget) he’s had to work with in his entire “Fashion photographer life”.

By the looks of it, Karl could easily fool people into believing this was an expensive shoot, showcasing the high end pieces from his ready to wear collection.

There goes Karl, making something as ridiculous as a dryer look luxurious.

Remember Now by Karl Lagerfeld – Trailer (Chanel Cruise 2011 – Short Movie)

Karl Lagerfeld’s new short film promoting his Chanel cruise show, Remember Now, is available in full. You can check out the trailer here (thanks YouTube). Reviews haven’t been too great, let em know what you think!

Karl Soda

Image of Karl Lagerfeld on Coca Cola Light Bottle

Karl Lagerfeld has put his face on a Coca-Cola bottle, the profile image of the designer epitomizes everything about the German. This exclusive Coca-Coca Light is an exclusive creation with the addition of a unique box in limited edition, accompanied with a bottle-opener discreetly hidden in a drawer.

Karl Lagerfeld in Vice Magazine

Image of Karl Lagerfeld Interview in Vice Magazine

I love all things Karl Lagerfeld. I first fell in love with him while studying at FIDM. I used him as my inspiration for many school projects and wrote a few papers on him. Then, while studying at SFSU, in my business communications class, I gave a speech on Lagerfeld as my source of professional inspiration. This guy is involved in so many things beyond fashion, from hotel interior design to taking high end photography shots, to having 300+ iPod’s, all with different music, scattered throughout the globe at his multiple homes.

It’s no surprise that I was excited to hear Bruce LaBruce of Vice Magazine interviewed Lagerfeld, and it is featured over a seven page spread in the latest issue.

Lagerfeld on not removing his sunglasses for interviews:

They’re my burka. I had an interview once with some German journalist, some horrible, ugly woman. It was in the early days after the communists, maybe a week after, and she wore a yellow sweater that was kind of see-through. She had huge tits and a huge black bra, and she said to me, “It’s impolite; remove your glasses.” I said, “Do I ask you to remove your bra?”

Tea with Karl and Donatella

Image of Pret-a-porTea with Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace

Ever dreamed of having a cup of tea with Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace or Naomi Campbell? Probably not, unless you’re English. These new tea bags by Pret-a-portea allow you to have some high profile fashionistas with you as you drink your tea…obviously, since they’re attached to the tea bag.

How Cute?

Mini Karl: The Karl Lagerfeld Tokidoki


Tokidoki, the Italian maker of Japanese-inspired collectible figurines has immortalized Karl Lagerfeld in vinyl – 10 inches tall called “Mini Karl”.

Karl comes decked out in his signature skinny black suit, rhinestone-studded tie and belt, and black sunglasses. Tokidoki will create only 1,000 figurines. Priced at about $190, they will be distributed at Tokidoki flagships in New York, Milan and Los Angeles and select specialty stores for holiday retailing. Mini Karl will also appear on T-shirts in next spring’s K collection.

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