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Interview with the woman behind le larc

cari borja/clothesmaker Exhibition at Lireille Gallery

Berkeley-based designer under the brand “cari borja / clothesmaker” has created a Summer 2011 Collection inspired by her prep-cook internship at Chez Panisse Restaurant and Cafe. The collection is currently on display through the end of July 2011 at Lireille Gallery in Oakland, CA. A reception will take place on Friday July 1st from 4-8pm followed by a trunkshow of ready-to-wear and classic pieces on Saturday July 2nd from 12-6pm.

Cari Borja’s new collection is influenced by both the techniques and processes she learned to prepare  seasonal vegetables for dishes at Chez Panisse. From asparagus, artichokes and calamari to carrots, beets and cauliflower, the colors, shapes and forms of the vegetables, fish and herbs are echoed throughout the collection.
The collection is a mixture of the organic, asymmetric and fluid. It is both bold and ethereal, sophisticated yet fun, classic yet whimsical. Using fabrics that range from Borja’s signature fabrics such as fleece and novelty wovens, satins and brocades, Cari moves into a more dramatic direction with layering techniques and fabric manipulations of pleated “artichoke petals” and gathered “cauliflower florettes.” The result is one of a subtle gradation of textured fabrics that culminate in wearable sculpture.
image of cari-borja-chez panisse collection summer 2011
image of cari-borja-summer 2011
image of cari-borja-collection summer 2011
image of cari-borja-chez panisse summer 2011
image of cari-borja-chez panisse collection 2011
Highlights from the Summer 2011 Collection include a burgundy and gold chinese printed silk ruffle top and layered ruffle skirt – the colors of which evoke the gold and red beets that Borja spent time removing the skins from. A green brocade halter gown gets its texture from the layered pleated artichoke petals that are overlapped and tiered. An orange silk gown with golden godet inserts and ruffle details is reminiscent of the various hues of carrots that Borja peeled for carrot soup and cafe salads. A lavender brocaded satin skirt and top with asymmetric pleated artichoke petals that cascade down the front and sides of the bodice is completed by a crinkle chiffon hoodie jacket. Cauliflower florettes made from white fleece articulate the seams of a tiered coat. Finally those same florettes are crafted in tulle, jersey knit, a burnout chiffon and silk organza to form the silhouette of an off-white summer dress.
Photography by Harber Photography.



Fashion Adventurist: Q&A interview with Kimo of Effie’s Heart

With all of the mass produced clothing and accessories out there today it’s hard to find quality, unique pieces that are wearable for everyday.  Ladies, no need to look any further…we’ve found a local indie designer worth knowing about!

Effie’s Heart is a vintage inspired clothing and accessories treasure!  Beautifully detailed and designed pieces with a classic, but modern touch.  Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Kimo, the founder and designer of Effie’s Heart has a lust for life (inherited from her Aunt Effie), and believes in true originality which is clearly showcased in all of her designs.

Dolce Vita dress, Seven Year skirt, Madalena headband

Style Bust had the opportunity to ask Kimo some questions about her inspirations and what it’s like to be the brain behind Effie’s Heart.

Style Bust: How did Effie’s Heart get started?

I started the company 5 years ago with just a few t-shirts and totes.

SB: When did your love and passion for design start?

I have been sewing and creating clothing since I was a small child.  All the arts intrigue me, but I have a special affinity for clothing and accessories.

SB: Who is the Effie’s Heart customer?

Effie’s heart fits a broad range of customers.  Because the clothing is so classic and functional, granddaughters, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers have told me they fight over a certain size when it first gets to the boutique.

SB: Who are your fashion influences?  Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I am influenced by everyone and everything around me.  To be a good designer you have to have your fashion radar on at all times.  You never now when the next perfect style line or killer color will brush past you.  I collect all the pieces and save them when it’s time to design a new line.

SB: What Effie’s Heart piece do you think everyone should own (any signature pieces)?

The seven year skirt and the riding tights are wardrobe layering essentials.  The dolce vita dress is perfect for every size and shape of woman.

SB: What are your favorite trends for the upcoming season (Spring 2011)?

Feminity is back!!!

SB: What is your favorite thing about what you’re doing (creator of Effie’s Heart)?

As an indie fashion designer I have to work 24/ 7.  I love all parts of my job.  From designing to shipping to selling to marketing and accounting and budgeting.  Being able to do different things everyday keeps life exciting. There is never a chance to get bored.

SB: How is Effie’s Heart different from other vintage retailers?

The clothing has a hint of history in the design, but the clothing is new and very modern.  I design for today’s busy woman.  My designs are easy to care for, very comfortable with a perfect fit.

A huge thank you to Kimo and Effie’s Heart for being a true fashion adventurist and creating such special pieces!


Interview with Irene Jung of Irene Jung Jewels

I recently met Irene Jung of Irene Jung Jewels online, and felt her design esthetic and story was something to share with our readers. She has a great eye and the skills to mix vintage pieces together to look, well less vinatge-y. I think it’s an amazing skill that few jewelry designers have. Let’s jump right into the interview!

Style Bust: Irene, how did you get started with your own jewelry line?

I started making jewelry as a hobby in college. Then, as soon as I joined Corporate America, I found myself yearning for a creative outlet. I taught myself how to reupholster and refinish vintage furniture, but once I finished decorating my apartment, I felt unfulfilled once more. I have always loved fashion so as I decided to start designing and making jewelry again and I found myself completely passionate and launched Irene Jung Jewels.

Style Bust: Wow, you’re a total DIYer, that’s awesome! Plus you’re so much more ambitious than me…I feel lazy.

Style Bust: Describe your current collection.

My collection is fun, bold, and glamorous with a vintage yet modern twist. All of the pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind. They are also extremely versatile. You can wear them with jeans and a tee, a cocktail dress, or even a power suit. They definitely make an outfit.

image of Flowers are a Girls Best Friend-Irene Jungimage of Rubies-Irene Jungimage of Tequila_Sunrise-Irene Jungimage of Top of the Mark-Irene Jung

Style Bust: I have to point out that some of your necklace names are awesome, I really like: Golden Gate, Tequila Sunrise and Top of the Mark

Style Bust: What inspired your current collection?

I was most inspired by old Hollywood glam and all the the vintage goods I see at auctions, consignment stores, and estate sales – everything from furniture and artwork to fashion. Furniture, in particular, has quality of craftsmanship that you can’t find anymore. Everything is mass produced these days and I wanted my collection to be the exact opposite.

Style Bust: You’d probably get along with our guest blogger Beryl pretty well, she loves furniture!

Style Bust: What makes your designs different?

All of my pieces are original. The chance of someone else having the same necklace as you is slim to none. I love combining beautiful vintage brooches and earrings with bright and colorful stones. The combination is stunning!

Style Bust: What big trends are you seeing in Jewelry for the upcoming fashion seasons?

Big, statement jewelry has been a trend for a while and I see it continuing.

Style Bust: How do you suggest shoppers should go about finding good quality jewelry, are there any secrets to shopping you can tell us about?

People assume that new means better quality, but I disagree. If you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for vintage jewelry. Jewelry that incorporates real stone beads tend to be heavier than plastic jewelry, so I can judge by the weight of the stones whether they are real or not.

Style Bust: What do you see in the future for your collection, are there any new directions you’ll be headed in?

I’m looking to incorporate different types of stones and would like to start using metals. Mostly I’m on the hunt for whatever catches my eye and inspires me when I’m looking for vintage items to incorporate into my designs.

Style Bust: Thanks for your insight. Lastly, where can readers find your jewelry?

All of jewelry can be found at I’m also looking into doing some trunk shows, exhibitions, and fairs in the future. I’m working hard to grow my collection and promise to keep my website updated with my latest creations!

Style Bust: Please keep Style Bust in the loop on all things you’re doing so that we can tell our readers!

Alexandre Herchcovitch’s Spring 2011 shown at NYFW

Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch presented his colorful Spring 2011 collection last Monday at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week. There was no samba, but pieces were shown in a whole spectrum of colors.The accessories and hair color was also a great look for the collection.

Silk dresses in peach, fuschia, green and aqua blue set the tone. The dress shapes were fresh and flattering. The puffy sleeves and short but boxy shapes gave the pieces a voluminous feeling.

image of Alexandre Herchcovitch black dress
image of Alexandre Herchcovitch green dress
image of Alexandre Herchcovitch pink dress
image of Alexandre Herchcovitch pastel dress

Moving into separates, abstract prints and multi-colored patchwork patterns were apparent in every piece.

image of Alexandre Herchcovitch purple jumpsuit
image of Alexandre Herchcovitch pants

Even the black section of dresses couldn’t dampen the mood. Of course these pieces are my favorite since I like such simple, basic colorways in my life!image of Alexandre Herchcovitch black outfits

Images via: Dazed Digital.

The Swede Life from Stockholm Fashion Week

Fashion Weeks around the world are about to begin!  Which means, we’re about to see what we’ll be wearing next Spring!

Carin Wester (an amazing Swedish designer), stepped outside the box a little for her Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  Instead of women wearing menswear…the male models walked down the runway wearing womenswear inspired pieces!  Yes, a little odd…but the male models looked pretty cool with their lace bed coats, shirts and belts!

image of Carin Wester Spring 2011 Collection

I would wear all of the outfits above…just add a slouchy tank underneath, a pair of wedges and I’ll be set for Spring!

Not only did I love Carin Wester’s menswear, there are a few pieces of note in her women’s collection too.  And check out the shoes…she knows how to do a great shoe (remember the Klea boots from last Fall?).

image of Carin Wester Summer 2011

Stockholm’s Fashion week (which was August 16-22), showcased 25 designers over a 3 day period.  A few local Stockholm designers worth checking out: Whyred; Filippa K; and Nakkna.

I can’t wait to see what my favorite designers have up their sleeves for Spring 2011!

Valpixel at San Francisco Fashion Week 2010

Valpixel is the last show I saw for San Francisco Fashion Week 2010. I really enjoyed the collection, however it was unfortunate that this designer was placed last in the lineup. The reason I say unfortunate is because even though the pieces themselves were hands-down amazing, the collections presentation was mediocre. The music consisted of one, extremely slow song, on repeat (annoying). The models walked an incredibly slow pace to match the music, and as a result, the presentation was too long for people’s’ attention spans.

If you take a close look at the pieces however, you’ll find that the design and construction of each garment is outstanding. I really dig the muted fire tone colors paired with basic solids. I can’t say for sure whether this collection was designed for a Fall season, but it was completely right to showcase going into the Fall. In my mind the colors paired with the hooded look were Fall.

Photographs by Steven Han.

Chan.nel Karama LTD at San Francisco Fashion Week 2010

Chan.nel Karama LTD is a mouthful of a brand. Designer, LC Skinner is the talented, San Francisco native behind Chan.nel Karama Limited and Karama Denim Luxe Brands.

Last Saturday, during SFFW, Skinner presented her Chan.nel Karama Limited collection. As the show began, it was obvious that Skinner wasn’t new to fashion shows (and after doing some research, I’ve learned that Skinner’s brands participated in Full Figured Fashion Week 2010 in NYC). The presentation at SFFW was definitely avant garde, and the models certainly helped execute the presentation through their intense and determined walks and expressions. I got the sense that this collection is for the “tough woman”, “bad ass” type. I really appreciated the simple darkness of the collection as well as the construction details. Some pieces had chains sewn into the them, while other pieces were adorned with obscure accessories. Here are some images from the SFFW show. I expect there will be more of Chan.nel Karama LTD on Style Bust and across the news in coming months!
image of Chan.nel Karama LTD at SFFW 2010
image of Chan.nel Karama LTD at SFFW 2010 shorts
image of Chan.nel Karama LTD at SFFW 2010 dress
image of Chan.nel Karama LTD at SFFW 2010 black jumper
image of Chan.nel Karama LTD at SFFW 2010 white cap

Photographs by Steven Han.

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