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Chronicle Books Back To School Warehouse Sale

Chronicle Books is having an amazing Back To School Warehouse Sale. They will have HUNDREDS of titles for everyone, but a few extra snags for parents and children — at up to 65% off! Stock up on back to school items, gifts for yourself and friends. Choose from cookbooks, children’s books, lifestyle + home, arts + crafts, art + design, photography, travel, pop culture, and music titles. Plus, journals, stationery, and much more!

Wednesday, 8/22 from 9:00 am-7:00 pm
Thursday, 8/23 from 9:00 am-7:00 pm
Friday, 8/24 from 9:00 am-7:00 pm

Chronicle Books Corporate Headquarters
680 2nd St., b/t Brannan Street & Townsend Street

image of Chronicle Books Warehouse Sale Flyer

Chronicle Books Warehouse Sale – Up To 65% Off!

Cuddle up with a book from Chronicle Books Warehouse Sale. It might be Summer in other parts of the country, but in San Francisco this week it’d going to feel a lot more like cold and foggy Fall weather. The Chronicle Sale will have to essentials to get you past the gloom. Stock up on gifts for yourself and friends with 65% off hundreds of selected titles. Choose from cookbooks, children’s books, lifestyle + home, arts + crafts, art + design, photography, travel, pop culture, and music titles. Plus, journals, stationery, and much more!


Wednesday, 6/20 from 9am-7pm
Thursday, 6/21 from 9am-7pm
Friday, 6/22 from 9am-7pm

Chronicle Books Corporate Headquarters
680 2nd St., b/t Brannan Street & Townsend Street

10 Books To Add To Your Reading List

image of reading list for 2011
Now that 2011 is here I thought I’d share with you a list of 10 Books that are worthy reads for 2011.

Why Did I Ever, Mary Robison
If your life has taken downturns and is far from perfect you can empathize with Money Breton in Why Did I Ever. Money is refreshingly imperfect. Those of us who don’t expect sweetness and happy endings in life will find many sections laugh-out-loud funny.

Naked Economics, Charles Wheelan
This book makes me love economics, it really simplifies everything (no charts, no graphs, just words).

Dear Everybody, Michael Kimball
The novel is about a man, Jonathan, who is writing letters to all of his family and friends, short, funny, beautiful, and wistful letters about his childhood, being a teenager, a young man, and married.

Eleanor Rigby, Douglas Coupland
The characters of Eleanor Rigby are lonely, isolated people, much like the song by The Beatles. It’s a look at mortality and loneliness and is one of my favorite Douglas Coupland books.

Anthropology of an American Girl, Hilary Thayer Hamann
If J.D. Salinger and Jane Austin had a love child, it would likely have been Hilary Thayer Hamann. This is a coming-of-age book, a book about the transformative power of love in an era of deceit, and in many ways, it’s a “retro” book.

The Adderall Diaries, Stephen Elliott
It’s a memoir about his own struggles with drug addiction, mixes in his difficult childhood, his love life (which is racey – adult audience only) and a Bay Area murder and trial.  This is not a directory of drug rehab centers by any means, but more of a ADHD ride where one idea makes the writer think of another.

The Ask, Sam Lipsyte
This dark masterpiece takes the reader on an adventure through the life of several sad and complicated characters. It’s oddly refreshing.

Eeeee Eee Eeee, Tao Lin
I’m reading this book because of it’s title. I’ve also heard good things about Tao Lin which should help.

We Did Porn, Zak Smith
Zak Smith has a fascinating and engaging way of describing his experiences and surroundings. This book is a brilliantly crafted memoir full of honesty, social commentary, wit and elaborate detail.

Just Kids, Patti Smith
A wonderful memoir and story of love between Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

image of Why Did I Ever by Mary Robison
image of Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan
image of Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball
image of Eleanor-Rigby-by David Coupland
image of Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann
image of The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott
image of The Ask by Sam Lipsyte
image of Eeeee Eee Eeee by Tao Lin
image of We Did Porn by Zak Smith
image of just-kids-patti-smith

Urban Dweller Chick Gifts

This season as I shop online for family, friends, and my fiance, I keep getting distracted by cute items I want for myself – and I want them now! It doesn’t help that so many retailers have going-out-of-business type sales these days. Who can resist a good sale? In November, I had a new package of clothing, accessories, or makeup arrive nearly every third day; my savings stash is shrinking quickly and Tyler is getting a little annoyed with my impulsiveness.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite picks for who I call the “Urban Dweller Chick”. An Urban Dweller chick is someone who doesn’t play by the rules and enjoys mixing and matching her wardrobe and lifestyle. She probably strives to be a Jane of all trades.

image of Urban Dweller Gifts

Items pictured above:

Throughout the season I’ll bring you the best items I think of for the ladies, and maybe even some men if I get around to it. Hopefully some of my picks help you, and ladies, don’t forget to send this url to your boyfriends and hubbies who have a hard time picking out presents for you!

Hembakat är Bäst from IKEA and Carl Kleiner

image of Hembakat är Bäst

IKEA has released a cookbook titled “Hembakat är Bäst” (translation: Homemade is Best). IKEA collaborated with photographer Carl Kleiner to produce this book, which hands down, has some of the best styling and photography for a cookbook. Hembakat är Bäst is filled with 30 recipes for baked goodies broken down by ingredient.

It’s pretty difficult for me to guess what baked good the ingredients photographed below belong to – but I find the images artists, so I thought I’d share them with you here!

image of Hembakat är Bäst flat cookies
image of Hembakat är Bäst napolean
image of Hembakat är Bäst princess cake
image of Hembakat är Bäst vanilla horns

There are some images of items you’ll recognize in the cookbook too. Now that I think about it, this cookbook could make a really great gift idea!

image of Hembakat är Bäst fruit tarts
image of Hembakat är Bäst gingerbread cookies

The Bookbag: Purses Made From Recycled Book Covers

I’m excited to learn that there is a crafty and useful purpose for all those antiquated/outdated book covers (I’m a total sucker for recycled products). Librarian Kathy Kelly from Erie Pennsylvania has created a line of bags and purses using re-purposed book covers from used book covers. Her line is called Bookbags.  The bags are pricey, I guess until she has serious competition she can afford to charge customers and arm and a leg for the bags…I’m SUPER excited for her to get some competition.  Call me cheap, but I’m not will to pay $135 plus for a bag like this…although they are damn cute!

Book Bags by Kathy Kelly 2
Book Bags by Kathy Kelly

For a complete assortment, check out Kathy Kelly’s inventory here.

Book Bust: Karl Lagerfeld for Les 3 Suisses

Not being French, or growing up reading through the famous French mail-order catalog: Les 3 Suisses: A French Fashion Story, I was first introduced to this catalog when the story hit that Chanel and Fendi Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld shot some pages for this mass business of fashion catalog. From luxury to mass market, the Kaiser has covered all areas of our lives.

For the catalog, Karl worked with top model Iris Strubegger to add some high value to the smallest priced clothes (and production budget) he’s had to work with in his entire “Fashion photographer life”.

By the looks of it, Karl could easily fool people into believing this was an expensive shoot, showcasing the high end pieces from his ready to wear collection.

There goes Karl, making something as ridiculous as a dryer look luxurious.

BookBook Macbook Cover by TwelveSouth

The BookBook Macbook cover by TwelveSouth is a great, creative alternative to a conventional Macbook case. This case will disguise your Macbook and will make you look like a history buff, a serious classics reader, or an encyclopedia/dictionary lover. Basically you win in more ways than one if you use this laptop case.

From TwelveSouth: “BookBook is a one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case designed exclusively for MacBook and MacBook Pro. Available in Classic Black or Vibrant Red, BookBook brings three levels of security to your prized Mac. First, the hardback cover and spine provide solid protection from the rigors of the road. Second, the vintage book design disguises MacBook for superior security. And third, the stylish case protects you from being like everyone else because BookBook is totally original, just like you.”

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