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To anyone studying or working in home decor, learning about trends in interior decorating is one of the most exciting parts of life. And it should be, aside from work, the home is where we spend the bulk of our time, and like clothing it needs to be a reflection of us. Style Bust searches the web for the latest and greatest trends for the home; our hope is that you can use some of our findings in the environment you’ve created at home!

Best Gifts Under $50 for Geeks!

Get your nerd on.  Let your freak flag fly!  Whether you’re shopping for your own inner nerd or just those on your holiday shopping list, this gift guide of 11 geektastic items under $50 is chock full of ideas for the geek inclined and geek curious.

  1. Mini Microscope for Iphone $29.99
  2. Star Trek Keyboard $49.95
  3. Star Trek Monopoly Game $49.95
  4. Mythbusters: Season 7 DVD
  5. Scientists Do It Periodically T-Shirt $24.95
  6. Robot Evolution T-Shirt $26.95
  7. NCIS the Farting Hippo $44.95
  8. NCIS Test Tube Shot Glass $23.97
  9. Mythbusters Plausible Messenger Bag $44.95
  10. Green Lantern T-Shirt $26.95 Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1 &2 DVD $19.99
  11. Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1 &2 DVD $19.99

Geeks might get a bad rap, but when you boil it down geek culture is about exploring one’s curiosity and creativity.  So I say, geek out!  Two of the best in the biz are truth finders like Adam and Jamie.  With the Plausible! Confirmed! Busted! Bag, you too can stow away specimens for further research (or your lunch, whatevs).  And when you’re busy busting on the road, bring the lab with you.  No, not the whole thing, but with 60x magnification and LED lighting the mini-microscope Iphone attachment helps you view a microchip or plant specimen at a moment’s notice!

Speaking of getting up close and personal, forensic scientists need a moment to chill out after all that hard work, especially the crew on NCIS.  What better way to enjoy some libations than with test tube shot glasses and lighten the mood with Bert, the farting hippo.  Or take a page from Sheldon Cooper, everyone’s favorite Big Bang Theory guy, with seriously stylin’ Green Lantern garb. You’d better hurry before the Robot Evolution arrives.  It’s important to take the scientific method, break things down to the elemental level, you know Scientists Do It Periodically.  Er they do it . . . periodically?

You can even take a course on Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1-2, covering alien invasion to light sabers and teleportation!  Or prepare for the Robot apocalypse by gaming with gear that makes a difference.  The Monopoly Star Trek version is also serious entertainment and skills building!  And then there’s the pièce de resistance – the Star Trek Original Series USB Keyboard.  When the robot overlords come, look busy.

Holiday Decor and Gifts

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas!  Joyous Kwanzaa!  Happy Holidays!  Get into the spirit, deck the halls and put on something other than My Living Fireplace.  From beloved classics like It’s a Wonderful Life to the classic 2005 Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Oregon, there are plenty of holiday entertainment choices.  Shop ornaments to films for your holiday party or the host with the most who loves all the festivities.  This guide features 16 great items to give and get.  Most are $25 or less, so join in on the fun!

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life  $17.99
  2. The Real Story of Christmas DVD $19.99
  3. Glee Christmas Album $11.98
  4. American Eats: Holiday Food DVD $19.99
  5. Today Show Holiday Ornament  $12.95
  6. Friends Picture Frame Ornament  $6.00
  7. Miracle on 34th Street  $14.98
  8. Community Ornaments $49.99
  9. Dirty Jobs: Toughest Jobs DVD including Dirty Holidays episode $14.95
  10. Dunder Mifflin Ornament  $12.00
  11. Georgetown Cupcakes Ornament Dozen $39.95
  12. Ice Road Truckers Holiday special $89.99
  13. Seasons Beatings UFC Shirt  $24.95
  14. 2005 Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Oregon DVD  $24.95
  15. Brooklyn Nets Sock Monkey $7.99
  16. Peanuts Deluxe Holiday Collection $29.99

You might be Frosty on the mat, cause you knock out your opponents cold, but you can get into the spirit of the season.  Hum the Glee Holiday tunes while you decorate the tree with Community ornaments because no tree is complete without the Greendale Seven.  Go humans!  And while you’re at it, be sure to personalize your decorations from your favorite team with the Brooklyn Nets sock monkey  to your favorite peeps, with the Friends photo ornament.  Insert you and yours in your hammiest.  While the ham or the matzo ball soup is cooking, you might as well learn all about the traditions behind American Eats: holiday foods .  And don’t forget dessert.  You can order Georgetown cupcakes Ornament Dozen and take that off of your to do list.  If the kids want to stay up, put on the Peanuts Deluxe Holiday or if they’re skeptical of Santa why not Miracle on 34th.  For the more cynical how about The Real Story of Christmas or better yet Dirty Holiday Jobs.  Bah humbug!

Pop Culture Gifts For Her

Wives or girlfriends, sisters or moms, what do you get the special ladies in your life? Whether she’s a fan of classic films or modern shows, follow this guide for special pop culture gifts for every gal on your holiday shopping list featuring 16 hit items, from hit DVDs and cozy slippers to baby bibs and some bling, too!  Each gift is priced at $50 or less, so find some fun gifts for yourself, too!  We won’t tell.

  1. Shark Week 25th Anniversary DVD ($14.95 Discovery Store).
  2. Girls: The Complete First Season Blu-ray ($49.99 HBO Store)
  3. Life DVD ($24.99 Discovery Store)
  4. Auntie Mame ($10.99 TCM Shop)
  5. TCM Greatest Films: Romantic Comedies DVD ($19.99 TCM Shop)
  6. Glee: The Music, Season Two Volume 6 CD ($13.98 Fox Shop)
  7. Gemma’s Gold Hoops ($24.95 FX Shop)
  8. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Trucker Hat ($19.95 Discovery Store)
  9. The Big Bang Theory Women’s Soft Kitty Slippers ($36.95 CBS Store)
  10. Wincraft Brooklyn Nets Mesh Baby Bib ($9.99 Brooklyn Nets Store)
  11. Hello Brooklyn Shirt ($27.95 Brooklyn Nets Store)
  12. Parenthood Season 3 DVD ($39.98 NBC Universal Store)
  13. Babycakes Cupcake Maker ($29.99 Discovery Store)
  14. Talking Ted  ($49 NBC Universal Store)
  15. Community Holiday Set ($50 NBC Universal Store)
  16. Finding Bigfoot Socks ($14.95 Discovery Store)  Does she believe?

Give these pop culture gifts that vary from the sublime to the silly for all the gals in your life.  Everyone’s talking about Lena Dunham’s Girls, audacious 20 year-olds just going through life’s triumphs and humiliations.  As for a younger diva and latest trending persona, here comes Honey Boo Boo, so “You Betta Redneckognize” this precocious six year old.  For a different taste of the cute factor with a twist, get her Talking Ted!  Granted, like Boo Boo, there’s no telling what he will say!  If Ted is still too cute for her, and sharks are more her thing don’t miss the 25th Anniversary DVD of Shark Week!  It will keep her on her toes.  Speaking of feet, warm hers with none other than the Big Foot Socks.  No, you’re not saying her feet are big!  She’s a believer in the sasquatch after all!  And don’t forget to warm her heart with the classics.  No film collection is complete without Auntie Mame.  If nothing else, Mame teaches us that life is a banquet.  And Life the DVD shows us the remarkable survival of plants and animals like you’ve never seen it before.  Oprah narrated and approved, it, too, will be one of her favorite things.

Dinning in Vancouver – Cafe Medina

As many locals agree when in Vancouver one must stop by Café Medina for breakfast. Located in between Yaletown and Gastown this restaurant offers a unique and artistic breakfast and lunch menu. Being a sucker of the simple and naturally heavy breakfast foods we all know, I was very hesitant to sit at a more upscale bistro type Café to have my first meal of the day. I was told over and over again however, to not miss out on the waffles at this place. I don’t even really care for waffles!! But my cousin, a fancy breakfast bistro type got me there and my careless attitude towards the fluffy patterned suckers changed forever. Made by the order through a window facing the street we ordered a few with four of their most popular toping preferences: dark chocolate, mixed berry compote, raspberry caramel, and of course- maple syrup. To be perfectly honest the waffle itself was so exquisite with vanilla flavors steaming from it that I barely even touched the toppings. Whether you are a waffle lover or not, when in Vancouver, go to Café Medina and try one of these mini delightful goodies. To balance out the limit of my sweet tooth I tried one of their many beautifully plated sausages (The Andoullie) with just the right kick of spice. We ended the meal with 2 of their famous lavender lattes, not my favorite personally, but that’s just because I rarely even put milk in my coffee. If you like milk in your coffee, and want to try something eccentric this is definitely a good pick!

image source: Follow Me Foodie, Vancity Allie, and Bottomless Tummy

Best Gifts $25 Or Less!

Whether you’re making your wishlist or hunting for gift ideas, these excellent options for $25 or less get the job done.  Shop from favorite shows to sports teams like Big Bang Theory to the Brooklyn Nets, and fuggetahbout it!
  1. Start the little one on your list early!  This Big Bang Theory Bazinga Snap Suit complements his/her budding genius and invites compliments for saucy and smart style!
  2. When cold, the Dexter Heat Sensitive Mug stays incognito in black.  When the heat of the cup rises, the cup changes to white with a telltale crimson blood splatter.  Dexter die-hards will love it.
  3. The UFC New Era Open Season Plaid Hat makes a nod to fashion in red plaid hat with raised white logo.  Turn heads to and from the gym.
  4. Pop culture and fashion icon Annie Hall, is a must have film for the guy or gal on your list who appreciates Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, NY in the 70s and/or romantic comedies.  Nuff said.
  5. Sunrise Earth: America’s Greatest Sunrises on DVD captures some of the most beautiful morning views from a dozen American ecosystems. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Rocky Mountains, watch the sunrise over land, the sea, and the myriad of creatures who call our planet home.
  6. History Channel profiles one of America’s greatest leaders as he led the nation through its darkest days in Lincoln His Life and Legacy DVD Set.
  7.  Young Brooklyn Nets fans will love this Beatz T-Shirt that spins style and team spirit.
  8. Chia Pet meets Duck Dynasty’s Willie, known for a full beard, makes one amazing gift for fans of both cultural phenomenons!
  9. Glee fans will love the Volume 2 Christmas Album!  Get it just in time to fill up their holiday playlist featuring hit holiday songs like “Little Drummer Boy”, “Let It Snow” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and much more.
  10. Make every day bold and venture where no man has gone before.  Or at least never miss an appointment with your Star Trek calendar.  With pictures capturing some of the most memorable Star Trek scenes and trivia from Star Trek universe, all signs indicate 2013 is looking good!
  11. Fan of Swamp People or just gators?  The Alligator Puppet makes the perfect gift for hours of pretend chomping.
  12. From the Ice Wall to the Highgarden and east from Pentos to Qarth, Game of Thrones fans will love this Westeros and Essos Map Poster to pinpoint their next strategic move.
  13. DC Cupcakes Kids’ Apron and Baking Set inspires and arms the young baker on your list with the tools he or she needs in kid size to make the perfect cupcake.
  14. Did you know that flying fish may be the reason Illinois will re-draw its state borders?  Or that cell phone use by Pennsylvania’s Amish affects their state’s shape.  How the States Got Their Shapes uncovers the stories behind our states borders. The history lover on your list will get a kick out of this.
  15. The Medieval Adventure Armor Set invites adventurous creative play and ensures safety should your little one be inspired to get a little medieval on you.

Re-entering The Real World After The Holidays

The professional world is going back to work today for the first time since Thanksgiving. Regardless of how functional or dysfunctional your family is, if you spent time with them over the Holiday weekend you’ve probably done your fair amount of reflecting on your time with them, ie: the awkward moments, strange conversations, things you said, meant to say but didn’t, etc.

Hopefully there has been some water cooler talk today at the office that has also helped you realize your family is amazing…or not THAT bad after all. In case this hasn’t happened (yet), you should swing by the History Channel Store and check out the Dysfunctional Family movie assortment Scott Youngbauer of ScreenPicks put together. Buy, rent, or download one of these titles to watch ASAP and you’ll quickly realize your family is no that bad! Scott’s dysfunctional movie list is complete with The Royal Tenenbaum’s, Savages, and The Shining.

Top 15 Fitness Gifts

Thanksgiving 15?  No thanks!  How about top 15 fitness gifts designed to shed extra inches, sculpt and tone muscles, and keep pounds off?  Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the self-identified fitness focused, take a cue from these top gift ideas for healthy eating and active lifestyles.  From inspirational books and tools to clothing and DVDs, get your Brazilian butt and eat your homemade yogurt, too!

  1. In Believe It, Be It, Ali Vincent shares her intimate story of personal and physical transformation and details her experience on the hit NBC series Biggest Loser. From weight-loss strategies, eating habits, and workout tips that helped her lose—and keep off—more than 100 pounds, Ali tells all.  Her story is inspiring and uplifting!
  2. Fans of the Biggest Loser and fitness nuts will love Are You Ready! Take Charge, Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Change Your Life Forever by Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser, shares his prescription for lasting weight loss used on contestants to achieve inspiring results. In addition to weight loss techniques, Harpers addresses the root of negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors and replaces them with self-worth and confidence. Take Charge? Yes, please!
  3. Making nutritious meals does not have to mean eating bland food!  This Herb Savor Mini pod is perfect for your kitchen gadget lover and your fitness freak who loves to incorporate healthful flavorful pizazz to their dishes.
  4. The active people on your shopping list and fans of the show will love the The Biggest Loser Workout Power Sculpt DVD!  Power-training trio Bob, Kim, and Jillian show successful sculpting techniques to increase strength, blast maximum calories and transform bodies in a minimum time for maximum results!
  5. Preparing produce is a cinch with the Cook Yourself Thin Fresh Produce Prep Set.  Fans of the British hit series and Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook and kitchen gadget lovers alike will love this prep kit to help master meal time and trim inches!
  6. International super star chef Jamie Oliver’s book Food Revolution Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals is just that.  Foodies and fitness folks will enjoy his tips on how to cook good food from scratch for the whole family.
  7. Jillian Michaels, weight loss guru of Biggest Loser, shows you how to Master Your Metabolism in her cookbook with 125 recipes designed to help maintain metabolic hormonal balance and reach health and fitness goals.
  8. Designed specifically for women using Dynamic Inertia technology, the Shake Weight tones arms, shoulders, and even chest muscles in just six minutes a day without building bulk!
  9. Built with form-fitting sport leather and closed-cell foam padding for ultimate protection, get your fighter the UFC Ultimate Training Shoe that has the patented training system construction for durability and comfort.
  10. Professional dancer cum fitness phenomenon, Brazilian Leandro Carvalho designed the Triangle Training Method aka Brazil Butt Lift to attack the major muscles of the gluteus maximus.  Gift the best kept secret to achieving a perfect firm and toned Brazilian “bum bum!”
  11. Ab workouts in half the time with better results?  Yes, it’s possible!  Trainer Leslee Bender developed the Bender Ball, which makes work outs 408% more effective.  Using the ball and Bender’s method of selective stabilization techniques on DVD, immediately target core ab muscles from all sides for beautiful sculpted abs!
  12. Built to perform and outlast the competition, gift your fighter lady the no frills, all business, knockout TapouT Women’s Performance Bra Top.  It’s cute, too.
  13. UFC’s Twisted Zip Hoodie keeps muscles warmed up and makes a style statement.  Made of 100% cotton and featuring a burnout pattern, this piece is the perfect outerwear piece to and from the gym.
  14. For the homemaker, foodie, or purist, the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker is the perfect strategy to a healthful diet, allowing the user to control sweetness, ingredients and fat content.  In a matter of 6-8 hours, this economical piece makes up to two quarts of yogurt!  What a win-win!
  15. The Biggest Loser At Home Challenge DVD incorporates strength building, cardio, and flexibility workouts for four weeks of at home fitness instruction, so you can achieve beginner to winner results!

Best Gifts for Kids!

Keep their curiosity and penchant for adventure piqued!  Shop toys for kids that will tickle their funny bone and challenge their budding genius.  Don’t disappoint their high expectations!  These cool gifts for kids from slimy gross science kit to friendship bracelet making looms will be sure to please!

  1. Kids love learning about the weird and mysterious stuff of science, so spark their intrigue and get them the gross and wonderful Sci-Fi Slime Kit!  They’ll be making magnetic slime that glows in the dark and having a blast in the name of education, but don’t tell them that!
  2. Encourage the next generation of shark lovers!  The Shark Eater Hat makes for fun role playing with its silly googly eyes and lots of imaginary jaw clenching.  Disclaimer: watch out for feeding time!
  3. Share the world with kids in a whole new way!  With the Discovery Macro Microscope, kids can view the bits and pieces of the life around us through a microscopic lens.  This set features a 40x to 400x magnification of prepared slides (including a piece of a 900 year old Peruvian mummy wrap!) and blank ones ready to be filled with their own discoveries.
  4. Give kids the gift of crafting their own Discovery Friendship Bracelets!  They’ll love making bracelets as gifts for their friends and making lasting friendships over crafting parties with these fun bracelet looms.
  5. This Illuminated Rotating Universe Globe makes any kid room, and parents’ rooms frankly, 90% cooler.  By day this globe displays our world’s continents and bodies of water and by night, this globe shows 88 magnificent constellations.  Handsome and educational – what a win win!
  6. Fans of Mythbusters, the Discovery Channel’s hit TV series, will love this science kit for Crashes and Collisions.   Kids learn if hidden energy can move a car, test the myth of the heavy weight and race a car!   There’s no myth about this kit – it’s for keeps.
  7. Kids will love this  Discovery Fireworks Light Show launcher that makes booming sounds and projects firework effects making them the master of the show!
  8. Abracadabra!  The  Ultimate Legends of Magic Kit and DVD Set is the perfect gift for the budding magician.  With instructional DVD and all the tools needed, kids can perform magic tricks with a snap of their fingers!
  9. Future paleontologist?  The Discovery T-Rexcavator Game encourages pretend play and imagination as the game challenges kids to find and remove bones without touching sides of the pit, lest they wish to hear a deafening roar!
  10. Meerkat Manor Season 1 shares a year in the daily lives of the Whiskers family.  While they live in South Africa on furry feet, they experience ups and downs, ins and outs, just like the ebb and flow of our own family stories. Share this incredible meerkat adventure with kids for plenty of entertainment and character building!
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