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Red Hot Tips on Wearing the Season’s Hottest Color

This season we have seen a surge of fashionistas choosing to don pants in bright hues rather than basic colors. Recent issues of Glamour Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily show women across the globe are daring to bring the heat with red pants this Summer and Fall. Here are our favorite ways to style Red Pants.

It’s all about the silhouette. 

Skinny fit and cropped length – red cigarette pants looks fantastic with everything. This street style pic of Harper’s Bazaar market editor Joanna Hillman is to me the epitome of getting red pants right. Below is a look off the runway for DKNY Fall 2011.
image of DKNY red pant fall 2011
image of Timo Weiland Fall 2011


Wear with an architectural or classic pump in black. The White Stripes, No Doubt and other pop rock groups of the early 2000’s got it right – Red looks best with Black and White. Complete your look with solid black shoes.

image of kate moss topshop red jeans 2011

Ground red pants with neutrals. This has to be my favorite accessible way to wear red, with camel, or even greys and creams. Neutrals really help soften the harshness of red pants.
image of red pants and cream blouse
image of red pants camel shirt



Awakening Our Soles & Making the World a Better Place One Step at a Time

That’s right, we’re talking about shoes!
Juil is a new shoe company that is making the world a better place. Who would have thought that footwear could make anything better?
image of Juil Shoes
Juil sandals and footwear really can make the world a better place. They restore our natural balance of energy by connecting us to the Earth’s energy, helping us achieve a greater sense of health and well-being. Our bodies are alive with natural energies. However, our bodies have a hard time sustaining our positive energy levels, in part due to the toxins and free radicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Ordinary shoes prevent the Earth’s vital energy from flowing into our bodies. Juil footwear features exclusive Energy Flow Technology™, which uses copper conductors inset into the soles of the shoes to channel the Earth’s innate energy into our bodies. These copper conductors help ground ourselves to the Earth, which allow the Earth’s rejuvenating energy to flow freely into and throughout our bodies as if we were barefoot.

Juliu Horvath inspired us to create a shoe that is the next best thing to being barefoot. Horvath’s shoes look great and feel great while allowing for the free flow of positive energy between the Earth and our bodies, said Stefan Hartung, Juil’s design director.

image of Hera by Juil
image of Bali by Juil
image of Mojanda bj Juil
Juil footwear is available in five styles for women and three styles for men. The supple insoles and uppers are made from the world’s finest leathers and the Energy Flow Technology incorporates quality copper insets. Shoes range in price from $125 – $145 and are available exclusively at

I got a pair of Hera Juil sandals and wore them for them a few times time last week. Not only are they great looking, they are extremely comfortable. I can definitely say I was in positive spirits while wearing my sandals, and I believe the shoes played a big role in my good energies while wearing the sandals.

Off the Cuff: Rules of the Wrist

Amanda Brooks, Fashion Director at Barney’s New York has created a great piece on Rules Of The Wrist on Barney’s New York fashion blog The Window.

Amanda’s role as trendspotter for womenswear at Barneys allows her access to both established and emerging designers, members of the press, visual teams, and merchandising teams. It’s safe to say she has the down-low on how to pull off all current and up-coming trends.

Here are Ms. Brooks golden rules for cuffs:

When it comes to cuffs, I like to wear one on each wrist. The bold balance of two chunky objects can really anchor the rest of the outfit. By trial and error, I have developed three golden rules for those who dare to wear cuffs:

1. Coco Chanel and Diana Vreeland looked fabulously eccentric mixing cuffs with lots of other jewelry, but I prefer the modern simplicity of cuffs worn on their own.

2. The scale of the cuffs should match the volume of your outfit. If your cuffs are huge, wear a puffy sleeve or a strong shoulder that will stand up to them. If your cuffs are more delicate, go with a streamlined silhouette.

3. Play with price point! While Gaia Repossi makes some of the most exquisitely drool-inducing cuffs you can imagine, Dana Lorenz designs equally chic versions that are great starter pieces for the budget-conscious.

Here are the best cuffs to get you through Summer and into Fall.

image of House of Harlow antiqued arrow cuff image of Kora Grand Petit Cuff image of Obey the horizon cuff image of ASOS Wide Patterned Textured Cuff image of Low Luv Erin Wasson Thunderbird Etched Cuff in Gold image of Clean Break Gold Cuff Anthropologie
House of Harlow Antiqued Arrow Cuff. $175Kora Grand Petit Cuff from Shopbop. $198The Horizon Cuff by Obey. $22Wide Patterned Textured Cuff from ASOS. $25.86Low Luv x Erin Wasson Thunderbird Etched Cuff. $110

Clean Break Cuff from Anthropologie. $158

About Barney’s New York Fashion Director Amanda Brooks:

Amanda is a New York-based fashion writer and owner of the fashion consulting firm Amanda Brooks Inc, Ms. Brooks has earned industry credibility through her work experience at top design houses and her celebrated sense of personal style.  She began her career working for Patrick Demarchelier and Frederic Fekkai, and went on to become Creative Director of Hogan — and then Creative Director of Tuleh.  She currently consults for Diane Von Furstenberg, Tod’s, Thakoon, Roger Vivier, American Express, and Revlon.

Ms. Brooks is a contributing editor and writer for Men’s Vogue, and has also written style-related articles for Vogue and The New York Times.  She has authored a book about finding one’s own personal style entitled I Love Your Style (Harper Collins, 2009).  She has appeared as a fashion expert on programs such as The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Inside Edition, and NPR Radio.  Last but not least, Amanda has appeared on Vogue‘s Annual Best Dressed list five times since 1999.



cari borja/clothesmaker Exhibition at Lireille Gallery

Berkeley-based designer under the brand “cari borja / clothesmaker” has created a Summer 2011 Collection inspired by her prep-cook internship at Chez Panisse Restaurant and Cafe. The collection is currently on display through the end of July 2011 at Lireille Gallery in Oakland, CA. A reception will take place on Friday July 1st from 4-8pm followed by a trunkshow of ready-to-wear and classic pieces on Saturday July 2nd from 12-6pm.

Cari Borja’s new collection is influenced by both the techniques and processes she learned to prepare  seasonal vegetables for dishes at Chez Panisse. From asparagus, artichokes and calamari to carrots, beets and cauliflower, the colors, shapes and forms of the vegetables, fish and herbs are echoed throughout the collection.
The collection is a mixture of the organic, asymmetric and fluid. It is both bold and ethereal, sophisticated yet fun, classic yet whimsical. Using fabrics that range from Borja’s signature fabrics such as fleece and novelty wovens, satins and brocades, Cari moves into a more dramatic direction with layering techniques and fabric manipulations of pleated “artichoke petals” and gathered “cauliflower florettes.” The result is one of a subtle gradation of textured fabrics that culminate in wearable sculpture.
image of cari-borja-chez panisse collection summer 2011
image of cari-borja-summer 2011
image of cari-borja-collection summer 2011
image of cari-borja-chez panisse summer 2011
image of cari-borja-chez panisse collection 2011
Highlights from the Summer 2011 Collection include a burgundy and gold chinese printed silk ruffle top and layered ruffle skirt – the colors of which evoke the gold and red beets that Borja spent time removing the skins from. A green brocade halter gown gets its texture from the layered pleated artichoke petals that are overlapped and tiered. An orange silk gown with golden godet inserts and ruffle details is reminiscent of the various hues of carrots that Borja peeled for carrot soup and cafe salads. A lavender brocaded satin skirt and top with asymmetric pleated artichoke petals that cascade down the front and sides of the bodice is completed by a crinkle chiffon hoodie jacket. Cauliflower florettes made from white fleece articulate the seams of a tiered coat. Finally those same florettes are crafted in tulle, jersey knit, a burnout chiffon and silk organza to form the silhouette of an off-white summer dress.
Photography by Harber Photography.



Plus Sized Dresses for Summer

It may almost be the summer, but that doesn’t always mean sunny days and warm weather! This is where sweater dresses come into play. Sweater dresses are a great alternative to a jumper and jeans and look perfect teamed with boots and on-trend opaque patterned tights.

If you are little worried about the clinginess of such a style, simply pop on a light support garment underneath, this will in turn make you seem more svelte and a lot more confident.
Sweater dresses are a great option for the more curvaceous woman as they offer a figure flattering shape, which even suits the most athletic of body types.
image of white 2-in-1 Knit Dress

White 2-in-1 Sweater Dress

The basic black dress is an absolute must in every woman’s wardrobe, whatever your shape or size. It’s a staple item that can be both dressed up or dressed down and is a fail-safe option when you feel you have nothing else to wear!

When you need to look good and look good quickly, reach for the trusty LBD. It’s certainly one statement item that every plus sized woman should have in her closet

Look for a dress that fits perfectly. Opting to wear a strapless full-length camisole underneath the garment will work wonders on the figure. The black dress is also a great option for women who have curvy assets to show off. Invest in a form-fitting dress for best results.
Team with glossy locks, lashings of mascara, killer heels and a good lip color for the maximum wow factor, or alternatively with flat pumps and opaques for an office look! Adding a shawl or some statement jewellery is a great way to dress the LBD up a little and the contrast between the two, really make accessories stand out.
image of ELLOS Black Dress

Ellos Black Dress

You can find some great deals on plus size clothing online. Read more information here and find a new chic dress for your next night out!
Last but not least, here is my favorite pick for a summer dress.
image of Carmakoma Sleeveless Printed Dress with Draped Neckline

Carmakoma Sleeveless Printed Dress with Draped Neckline

Cover Your Eyes With Ray-Ban Sunglasses

As a woman in my late 20’s I’m beginning to realize how important it is to cover my eyes from the sun (answer: to protect my eyes from harmful UV rays). Over the years, not only have I learned that proper eye-wear can help reduce the onset of wrinkles (and sun damage), I’ve also learned that everyone looks better with sunglasses on, especially when they wear glasses that are the correct shape for their face. There are SO many great brands in sunglasses available these days – come to think of it, it’s sad how quickly sun glass companies pop up an disappear (however it does seem like an easy accessory to produce).

My favorite brand in sunglasses is Ray-Ban, founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. Quick history lesson on Ray-Bans: members of the United States Army Air Corps have worn Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses since World War II.

I think it’s safe to say ray ban sunglasses will be around for the long haul, not only based on its history, but their ability to set sunglass trends as they did with Wayfarer sunglasses.

Ray-Ban put out a fantastic Spring/Summer 2011 collection called ‘The Icons’.  It’s a collection of iconic sunglasses and eyeglass designs from previous decades that are brought back by popular demand. The collection includes a re-release of the legendary cat eye sunglasses from the 1980s along with a reinterpretation of the Vagabond glasses of the 1960s. My favorite of all is the John Lennon style small rounded style. And of course the Aviator, we all know this style of sunglasses in a must have!

Here are a couple of my favorite glasses:image of Ray-Ban-gold-aviators

image of Ray-Ban-Red-cat-eye-glassesimage of Ray-Ban-small-round-john-lennon-glasses

image of Ray-Ban-Black-square-glasses

Too lazy to go to the store…but not sure what shape of sunglasses works for you? There are many sites, including Mister Spex that allow users to upload photos of themselves to help them decide what they will look best in. I suggest you try this option before you invest in your next pair of glasses.


3 Makeup Trends for Summer 2011

We need not forget that looking fabulous is about much more than wearing the latest trends in fashion, there are also strong trends each year in makeup. I’ve scoured the web for some of the best makeup looks to bring our Style Bust readers the Top 3 Makeup Trends for Summer 2011. By following these three makeup trends you’ll present yourself as the trendy, fashionable lady you are!


#1: Strong Eyebrows

Strong eyebrows have been a big look for the runway this year. When your eyebrows are shaped and groomed correctly, they can give your face a whole new look – not to mention draw attention to your eyes. If you have been a little over zealous with the tweezers, try an eyebrow shadow to fill in the gaps or try using eyebrow stencils as an easy way of shaping your brows.

image of strong eyebrows camilla belle

#2: Dewy Skin

Summer is the prefect time to pull off the dewy skin look. Choose makeups that create a glow or shimmer when applied to your skin. Pick a foundation that offers good coverage and with a non-matte finish. If you have far skin you should try silvery tones. For olive skin choose peach or gold tones.

image of dewy skin sekyung shisedo

#3: Bright Lips

During the day many women choose a natural look for their lips. You shouldn’t be afraid to add lip color for some added impact. Popular shades include red, pink, fuchsia and orange this season. Use a liquid lipstick sealer to help keep your color all day long.

image of natalie portman bright lips

If you’re in the market for learning to do makeup like the pros, sign up for make up courses. Find more beauty trends on Style Bust, and read Ellie Mendez’s posts to get an expert opinion on beauty products.

Women’s Watches and Bracelets Trends

Unless you live under a rock, you’rre probably aware of the accessories trend of layering oversized watches and bracelets (as pictured below). The look has been persistent on street style blogs, runways and fashion magazine alike. Women are stacking their wrists with mismatched materials, finishes, colors, band widths, etc. The look can be overdone VERY quickly, so ladies be cautious about the other accessories (ie. rings, necklaces and earrings) you wear with the stacked wrist look.

At the center of the stacked wrist is, of course the watch. The latest trend in watches for women has a definite masculine vibe. The most popular watches have big watch faces with simple masculine bands in metal, leather, or plastic. There are also large faced watches adorned with stones to create a more feminine feel.  A newer material hitting the watch trend is ceramic. Ladies Swatch watches and Fossil watches now come in ceramic finishes. For a more causal look, opt for a plastic watch. Plastic watches are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate them with your summer attire.

No matter what style of watch you choose wear your watch with a nice stack of bangles and bracelets for an extra chic look – here are a couple of my favorite looks.

image of large womens watches and bracelets

image of layered bracelets

image of Stacked Bracelet Trend

image of stacked bracelets

image of womens large watch

Images of the wrist candy are courtesy of The Heartbreak, The Purse Forum and Fashion Takes Flight.

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