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Interview With The Designers Of Kajan Padraig

Cake Carlos and Patrick Steber, the designers behind Kajan Padraig are probably the most professional designers I’ve ever worked with. They come to models calls and fashion production meetings extremely prepared and always have a handful of great questions to ask. It’s been a lot of fun to get to know both Cake and Patrick better of the past couple of months and I look forward to seeing their show at the Give Back Gala on April 2nd, 2011.

Cake Carlos and Patrick Steber of Kajan Padraig

Cake and Patrick took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a couple of questions for our readers, here goes.

Style Bust: How did you get into fashion design?

Cake Carlos: Looking at how my life came together, it just made sense. I have a talent and passion for sketching that really came to life when I moved to America from Thailand. As a child and adolescent, I would help my mother sew piece goods. I have always loved clothing and had an eye for design. With skills and passion in these areas, I moved confidently in the direction of fashion and enrolled myself at FIDM.

Patrick Steber: My first love is fabric. I remember walking through department stores with my mother, arms outstretched, feeling all the fabrics that I could get my hands on. As I grew older, I would
pull out vintage clothes of my mother’s and dress my sister in them. I would then create elaborate runway shows the length of my parent’s hallway. It did not dawn on me until I was twenty that I could do more than just imagine these shows. With that realization, I submitted my application to design school and never looked back.

Style Bust: How did the two of you form your design partnership?

Patrick Steber: Cake and I worked together at a very talented San Francisco designer for three years before setting off on our own. We both wanted our own design house some day and talked about it often. We worked extremely well together and had the same passion and energy to succeed. Our strengths complimented each other. What sealed the deal for our partnership was that we could actually enjoy each other’s company even after ten hours of working side-by-side, six days a week.

Style Bust: How long have you been designing together?

Cake Carols: We have been designing together as Kajan Padraig since December of 2009.

Style Bust: Were you designing independently before you teamed up?

Patrick Steber: Yes, but both on a much smaller scale. Cake was making dresses for herself and her sister for weddings and other events. I designed and presented for a few indie fashion shows in San Francisco. Both of us have continually re-purposed our own clothes to keep them fresh and exciting. We draw on these past experiences and designs in our work together.

Style Bust: What would you say are some of the benefits to designing with a partner?

Cake Carols: Someone to share the stress!! In all seriousness, it is extremely beneficial to have another pair of eyes and another creative viewpoint. As designers, we tend to get stuck in our own heads. It is nice to have someone help you continue in a positive direction, or to help you rethink something you have stared at for too long. We help each other grow as designers and as entrepreneurs. It is very easy to spread yourself too thin and we both feel very lucky to be able to focus on our strengths, knowing that the other is there to help carry the load.

Style Bust: Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion.

Patrick Steber: Our philosophy of the art of fashion follows that of the philosophy of all art. The new is created in response to the old. Either building upon or reacting against. Fashion is ever changing and, for us, it is anything we want it to be. Our aim is to design beautiful clothes that make women feel confident, regardless of trend.

Style Bust: Describe the collection you will be showing at the Give Back Gala.

Cake Carlos: We are showing a full collection from shorts and tank tops to full length evening gowns. Our collection is bright and optimistic, while drawing it’s strengths from the solid foundations of design. Our color choices evolved from this philosophy. We started with solid, sensible neutrals then introduced chartreuse, lavender and watercolor prints to infuse optimism and hope. Nothing is so over the top that you can’t see yourself wearing it right off the runway.

Style Bust: What inspired this collection?

Patrick Steber: In a word, Lines. More specifically, the shapes and emotions they create. We played with soft, draped lines to tailored and architectural lines and then the occasional manipulation of those lines. The beauty of the female back also inspired us. A lot of the designs have the focus on the back.

Style Bust: Why should people come out to see your work at this show?

Cake Carlos: We are creating a full experience for the audience. We are putting on a show, of course, but more importantly, we are showcasing the beauty of our aesthetic. We want women to see that beauty, relate to it and want to be a part of it.

Style Bust: If you could do anything else (professionally) what would it be?

Cake Carlos: I don’t see myself doing anything else.

Patrick Steber: Designing runway shows and making innovative textiles.

Style Bust: How can people get in touch with you?, email: [email protected]

Interview with Varunee of Sincerely, Varunee

image of Sincerely Varunee Fashion Designer

I first met Varunee of Sincerely, Varunee last year while I was securing fashion designers for the Give Back Gala. Her pieces have a great mixture of design elements from deconstructed looks to more traditionally elegant looks. In addition to designing clothing, Varunee also dabbles in jewelry design. Each time I have seen her in person she has been decked out with some of her personal creations!

Varunee took some time out of her busy schedule to do an interview for Style Bust!

Style Bust: How did you get into fashion design?

Varunee: My mother was a fashion designer. I’ve always been interested in fashion ever since I was a little girl.

Style Bust: Are you designing your own collection full-time or do have another job as well?

Varunee: I have a part-time gig.

Style Bust: What did you study in college?

Varunee: I have a B.A. in English and Linguistics from Bangkok Thailand and an A.A. in Fashion Design from Brooks College in Long Beach California.

Style Bust: How has you fashion degree helped you be a successful fashion designer?

Varunee: Classes in Pattern Making and Sewing have helped me tremendously. Although I don’t make most of my patterns or sew myself, I know enough to communicate with my staff.

Style Bust: What do you enjoy most about a fashion career?

Varunee: It is very rewarding to see my clients looking beautiful in my designs. It’s so nice to see my designs enhance their beauty.

Style Bust: What is the most challenging about a fashion career?

Varunee: Trying to stay ahead of my peers.

Style Bust: If you could work for more hours per day, where would you devote the extra time and energy?

Varunee: Design, Design, Design.

Style Bust: Describe the collection you’ll be showing at the Give Back Gala.

Varunee: Deconstructed, raw-edge, funky and elegant, these are adjectives that describe my collection. My clothes are for women that are creative and not afraid to be noticed.

Style Bust: What inspired this collection?

Varunee: The uniqueness of creative women.

Style Bust: Why should people come out and see your work at this show?

Varunee: To see what Sincerely, Varunee is all about.

Style Bust: How can people get in touch with you?

Varunee: My blog: Telephone 925-957-6336

image of Sincerely Varunee Fashion Designer with models

A Conversation with Nickie Frye

Nickie FryeStyle Bust: Describe your current collection.

Nickie Frye: First of all, thanks so much for interviewing me! You guys rock! My current collection is sort of hippie, boho, rocker chic with a heavy dose of the 80’s. When you sell vintage clothes & accessories, it’s sort of the luck of the draw in a way. Basically I grab whatever looks cool & isn’t too expensive. Keeping my prices low is an important part of my customer service. I think there are two fundamental aspects of buying vintage that make it a thrilling & addictive experience: 1. Finding cool, unique things that no one else will have. 2. Getting a good deal.

SB: When and why did you start your business?

Nickie Frye: I started my business in June of 2008, about a year after my second child was born. The main motivation was to make money on the side so I could buy shoes without my husband hassling me. HA! I quit my job as a Buyer when I had my first child in 2006. I missed having some sort of project or employment, & I wanted to find something I could do from home so I could still be with my kids. I’ve bought & sold vintage since I was a teenager, so it’s pretty much second nature for me.

Style Bust: You have such unique pieces. Where do you find them?

Nickie Frye: That’s a trade secret! Kidding. I used to hunt at garage sales & flea markets, but now I’ve got two little ones with me & time is of the essence. I usually hit local thrift shops & estate sales. A lot of groundwork goes into each piece.

Style Bust: Did you get any ideas/fashion pieces from older friends or relatives?

Nickie Frye: My mom turned me on to thrift shops, garage sales, & flea markets when I was a kid. It was fun to wander around, find Halloween costumes, make fun of/marvel at wacky clothes that NEVER should’ve been produced, & find unique treasures. We still do it to this day, in fact! A couple of weeks ago we found a metallic silver quilted zip up bathrobe that was stiff enough to stand up without a body inside of it. In retrospect I should’ve bought that cuckoo thing & scared my husband with it. HeeHee!

Style Bust: What big fashion trends are you seeing this season?

Nickie Frye: Southwestern inspired pieces are everywhere. Ponchos. Capes. Faux fur. Unusual textured sweaters. Platforms (may they live forever). Ankle boots. Grunge revival. Etc…

Style Bust: Which trends are your favorite/least favorite?

Nickie Frye: I’m definitely a hippie rocker chick, so I love bell bottom jeans, platforms, leather, Indian prints, fringe, & I have a weird love for patterned socks. I do love classic pieces too, though. You need to have cool basics to mix with the more wacky pieces or you’ll look like an idiot. As far as least favorites go, I sort of never say never. The only look I really hate is a cheap, slutty look. Skanky dressing is uncomfortable for everyone involved. Don’t do it. Also, right now I’m particularly repulsed by overly embellished bags & jeans. Blech.

Style Bust: What are some tips on how to create your own style?

Nickie Frye: First of all, you need to have some classic, basic pieces. You know, cute flattering jeans (Gap is a good place to start, honestly), solid color basic sweaters of reasonable quality (I like French Connection for this), basic black dress, basic t-shirts (long & short sleeved), etc… If you have the basics, you can easily mix them up with unusual accessories or an unusual jacket or blouse. When you’re looking for these “unusual” pieces, you’ve got to go with what speaks to you, not what someone else says is trendy or whatever. It’s always easier & more natural to wear pieces that you fundamentally respond to. And just use ONE per outfit if you’re unsure.

Style Bust: What pieces of fashion do you consider timeless?

Nickie Frye: Hmmmm…… well anything that has a basic silhouette & good quality fabric is going to be a timeless investment. Honestly, I’m not really a timeless investment gal. I buy what I like, wear it for a while, & get rid of it when I’m over it. The exceptions to this rule are higher priced items like bags or shoes. Timeless is the way to go with these types of items. But by “timeless” it must mean that it’s timeless for YOU- that is a style that YOU will always love & feel comfortable in. For one person that could be cowboy boots & fringe leather jackets, for another person it’s stilettos & trench coats. Know what I mean?

Style Bust: What are some of your favorite/must-have accessories?

Nickie Frye: SHOES! I’m an addict. (Sssshhhh!! Don’t tell my husband I confessed!). I’m also a big fan of Native American jewelry, but it’s an expensive investment. I love bags but I am extremely persnickety about the functionality of a bag & I have yet to find the perfect bag. I do consider it a must-have accessory though, wherever it is hiding. Oh, and a good pedicure. That’s a must.

Style Bust: What trends do you think will return from previous generations?

Nickie Frye: They all will. Yeah, pretty much. And the ones you really hate will totally come back because they are likely to be the ones that made the biggest statement during an era. Like big, hip-hop pants. God help us. But don’t worry, I’ll be selling them in my shop when they come back so you’ll know where to get em. HeeHee!

Style Bust: What are your goals for the future?

Nickie Frye: I am planning on launching my own shop (independent of etsy) at some point, growing my blog, producing small runs of my own designs, & picking up work from cool independent designers.

Style Bust: What other interests do you have besides fashion/retail?

Nickie Frye: Nothing else interests me. Kidding! I’m all about my family. Being a mom is my primary job. I love hanging out with these little cuties. I’m really involved in my church. I force myself to run. I’m a big fan of BBQ’d anything. I try to get out with my fabulous girlfriends as often as possible. Probably my favorite thing is going wine tasting with my husband, though.

Style Bust: Where can readers get in touch with you and purchase your products?

Nickie Frye:

Fashion Adventurist: Q&A interview with Kimo of Effie’s Heart

With all of the mass produced clothing and accessories out there today it’s hard to find quality, unique pieces that are wearable for everyday.  Ladies, no need to look any further…we’ve found a local indie designer worth knowing about!

Effie’s Heart is a vintage inspired clothing and accessories treasure!  Beautifully detailed and designed pieces with a classic, but modern touch.  Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Kimo, the founder and designer of Effie’s Heart has a lust for life (inherited from her Aunt Effie), and believes in true originality which is clearly showcased in all of her designs.

Dolce Vita dress, Seven Year skirt, Madalena headband

Style Bust had the opportunity to ask Kimo some questions about her inspirations and what it’s like to be the brain behind Effie’s Heart.

Style Bust: How did Effie’s Heart get started?

I started the company 5 years ago with just a few t-shirts and totes.

SB: When did your love and passion for design start?

I have been sewing and creating clothing since I was a small child.  All the arts intrigue me, but I have a special affinity for clothing and accessories.

SB: Who is the Effie’s Heart customer?

Effie’s heart fits a broad range of customers.  Because the clothing is so classic and functional, granddaughters, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers have told me they fight over a certain size when it first gets to the boutique.

SB: Who are your fashion influences?  Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I am influenced by everyone and everything around me.  To be a good designer you have to have your fashion radar on at all times.  You never now when the next perfect style line or killer color will brush past you.  I collect all the pieces and save them when it’s time to design a new line.

SB: What Effie’s Heart piece do you think everyone should own (any signature pieces)?

The seven year skirt and the riding tights are wardrobe layering essentials.  The dolce vita dress is perfect for every size and shape of woman.

SB: What are your favorite trends for the upcoming season (Spring 2011)?

Feminity is back!!!

SB: What is your favorite thing about what you’re doing (creator of Effie’s Heart)?

As an indie fashion designer I have to work 24/ 7.  I love all parts of my job.  From designing to shipping to selling to marketing and accounting and budgeting.  Being able to do different things everyday keeps life exciting. There is never a chance to get bored.

SB: How is Effie’s Heart different from other vintage retailers?

The clothing has a hint of history in the design, but the clothing is new and very modern.  I design for today’s busy woman.  My designs are easy to care for, very comfortable with a perfect fit.

A huge thank you to Kimo and Effie’s Heart for being a true fashion adventurist and creating such special pieces!


Interview with Alisha Espey

image of Alisha Espey and Mike Leibovich of Sherwood

I met Alisha Espey back in July. She was very enthusiastic to write about music for Style Bust. She became a great addition to the team and has pumped out many compelling stories. She has introduced me to a handful of new bands, all within a couple of months.

During November, Alisha proved her writing and PR skills are worth noticing. She wrote the article Bieber Fever. This article received more attention in one day than most articles published on Style Bust receive in a week.

To thank her efforts, Style Bust gave her a $50 gift certificate to We assumed this achievement was also worthy of an interview with Alisha since we still don’t know that much about her. She’s a mystery!

Style Bust: What did your parents listen to while you were growing up?

My mom tells me stories about how she would put her belly up to large speakers in our house to Bob Dylan, so thanks to her I think I’ve been listening to him since before I was born. My dad’s roots are really based in blues and rock and roll. He would take me to blues fests during the summer and that’s where I first fell in love with live music.

Style Bust: Did they influence your taste in music at all?

Absolutely. However, it wasn’t cool when I was younger to like what my parents were listening to. I rebelled for awhile and found my own music taste, but my love for Bob Dylan and those classic songs, it’s almost hard to put into words. You just don’t hear that kind of music anymore.

Style Bust: Who was the first musician or band that you really got into?

My first couple albums were TLC and Alanis Morrisette. TLC – CrazySexyCool is such an all around great album. I love the soul in R&B and Hip Hop music. And Alannis Morrissette has so much attitude, like the end of punk era, total angst music, female domination.

Style Bust: How did music become such an important role in your life?

Music has always been my passion. The way a song or artist reaches all different people and touches them in a different way, from a theology perspective I find it so intriguing.

In middle school I was at an O-town concert and happened to meet one of their opening acts, Chicago based boyband, Vi3. I met their manager and started to become really involved with their fanbase. When I saw everything that went on behind the scenes was when I realized that I was already doing promotion for bands without even really knowing what public relations was. I couldn’t believe that I could do that for a career. The idea of helping an artist achieve their dream of performing music and on the flip side of that help people discover new music and artists, it’s certainly a way for me to give back. Knowing how music has changed my life, the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is share that feeling with other people.

image of Alisha Espey with friends

Style Bust: What is your most memorable concert experience?

I’ve seen so many amazing shows that I love for all different reasons. A couple years ago I was in New York visiting a friend and having lunch in Central Park when I saw a group of screaming girls across the street at Trump International. They were waiting for the Jonas Brothers to come out. At the time I certainly knew who they were but didn’t know much of their music. Out of curiosity and a free night to myself I decided to see what the excitement was all about. Talk about a production. I was third row among a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd. I bonded with a 7 year old, felt completely out of my element and thought I would regret forking out so much money for a ticket. Once they got on stage it was magical. I will never forget the energy in the city or in MSG that day.

Style Bust: What are you doing for work?

Right now I’m doing freelance writing. I thought it would be cool to do some weekly segments and interview the most influential people in the music industry in Chicago. Right now I’m in the midst of landing interviews and pitching it to different publications. I have developed a love for writing but I’m certainly looking for a more steady full-time position but haven’t found the right fit yet. I’m one of the few people that had a vision and a dream from an early age that I’ve been determined to follow. There are so many great places that I would love to work in Chicago; Radio Disney, House of Blues, Lincoln Hall, Jam Productions… now if any of them were just hiring.

Style Bust: How does your love for music help you be successful in your career?

It has taught me so many things, a lot of it has to do with being ambitious and having confidence, to stand up for the things I believe in. Music is so personal to me. Despite feeling so passionate about music I struggled for a long time with sharing my opinions. I am not afraid to express my musical taste now. But unfortunately there aren’t enough open minded people in this world and I lose credibility when I say Hanson is my favorite band, or I am up on all the news about Justin Bieber & the Jonas Brothers. In a perfect world, people would just get it. It’s like I don’t get the whole Taylor Swift craze. I give her props for her songwriting skills but when it comes to her live performances I don’t know how anyone can really love her sound. She’s such a sweet girl that people have a hard time criticizing her because they basically feel bad about putting her down. But I would never go to a huge Taylor Swift fan and tell them they are stupid for liking her, that she sucks or that I hope she dies. I’ve been through that junk as a Hanson fan. It’s just not fair and should not be happening. Music should be making people come together. I would love to start an anti-bullying campaign that revolves around music.

Style Bust: Name an artist or song from the 90’s you love.

I’m truly a pop princess so the 90’s were a dream for me. But there’s one band in particular that hit me and hasn’t left my life since and that’s Hanson. It was so cool to be listening to a band that was my age and singing songs that I could relate to. And I’ve gotten to grow up with them, they have changed, grown and evolved with me. Since 1997 I have been continually inspired by their music, creativity, marketing and philanthropic movement.

image of Alisha Espey and Taylor Hanson

Style Bust: What new group or artist are you recommending to you friends these days?

For the Rap/Hip-Hop scene, hands down Zack Crawford. I am obsessed with his 100 proof mixtape. For indie-rock folk lovers – Mumford and Sons. They have a great sound and are awesome live, if you can get a ticket. They have had to upgrade to bigger venues then they originally booked and selling out shows in the States. Indie-pop – I’m loving Sherwood. They are a super fun group, their music always puts me in a good mood. Oh and for people that like a more bluesy sound, Serena Ryder. She was the most amazing female singer that I’ve seen live. She is so incredible.

Style Bust: How do you discover new music?

It wasn’t so easy years ago to breakaway from top 40 radio. Outside of sticking by Hanson I was your average teenager brainwashed by consolidated radio and mainstream media. The story behind the music business, specifically the crash of the recording industry I find so compelling. The internet is a truly amazing thing and has allowed me to research and find new artists. I like using Pandora to give me suggestions of bands I would like. I also use Grooveshark, when a friend tells me to check out an artist, that’s a quick way to find and listen to music. Also I have discovered the joy of opening bands, I know most people hate sitting through opening bands but I’m always excited to see a new band. Openers are like a bonus for me. Hanson has introduced me to some truly incredible, little known indie bands. I have them to thank for a lot of the music I listen to.

Style Bust: How has your music taste evolved?

I was able to completely expand my collection more recently. In college I met some friends with a cool indie collection. In particular, Chicago based musician, Louis Holland influenced a lot of what I’m listening to now. I think he’s mostly doing film stuff now but his myspace is definitely worth checking out. He writes some incredible lyrics and you can just feel the emotion in his music. But he has been the first person that I met that has felt the same way about music as me. We had some philosophical discussions about music and its effect on people, emotions and how it means different things to different people. He always respected my musical taste and got me into the band Wilco. Which I wish I had discovered sooner and lived through the makings of each album. But the nice thing about music is it’s timeless, it’s like I may not have lived through the Bob Dylan era but his effect on me is just as strong as if I had.

Photographs: 1. Alisha with Mike Leibovich of Sherwood. 2. Alisha with her friends. 3. Alisha with Taylor Hanson in August, doing a charity walk for AIDS and poverty.

Interview with Leyna of Leyna Lightman Jewelry Design

Leyna Lightman introduced herself to me a month ago, and as soon as I realized she makes lace jewelry I knew I needed to interview her. I like lace jewelry because it looks delicate and feminine. According to some fashion articles I’ve read, mainstream editors like lace too!

Style Bust: Why did you start making jewelry?

I started by making jewelry for myself. I have a short haircut (okay, it’s a fauxhawk….) and it’s perfect for displaying big, dramatic earrings. I fell in love with some local SF jewelry designers and felt inspired to make my own! I was on the lookout for unusual jewelry materials when I discovered some over-the-top appliques in a fabric store and tried them out on earring hooks. Much to my surprise, they took on an elegant and expressive feel as earrings.

Style Bust: Describe your current collection.

I’m loving big, bold colors and unusual shapes. Right now my favorite earrings are called the Buena Vista Earrings and they are oversized flowers with intricate detailing. I dye them a really rich purple that I call ultraviolet. It’s amazing- you’d think big earrings would get lost in long hair but these somehow look like feathers and work with long and short hair equally well. I actually got the lace for the Buena Vistas when I was in Turkey this summer. I am doing several pieces from the lace I got while I was shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

image of Leyna Lightman Dogpatch Lace Necklace in Dark Grey
image of Leyna Lightman Golden Gate Lace Earrings, Handmade in Red

Style Bust: What makes your designs unique?

First of all, it is so hard to go big with your earrings without having them get really heavy. Lace is the perfect antidote! Also, using fabric allows me to get really playful with my designs and add new pieces to my repertoire all the time because I am constantly lace-hunting.

Style Bust: What big jewelry trends are you seeing this season?

Bone! I have been seeing more bone lately and it’s a great material for one-of-a-kind, interesting pieces. Actually, I think people are more interested in statement jewelry in general. My day job is in a museum where people really dress up for work (by California standards!) and I have been seeing a lot of big jewelry.

Style Bust: How do you suggest shoppers should go about finding good quality jewelry, are their any secrets to shopping you can tell us about?

Ooh….great question. You know, there are lessons beyond food that we can take from the slow food movement. Know your artisan! There are such creative, conscientious local jewelry-makers and it’s really rewarding to get to know the people making the pieces you wear. Plus, you can ask all those questions about process, materials etc.

Style Bust: Are there any new directions you’ll be heading in for future collections?

I want to use more chain. I love a little dangle….

Style Bust: Where can readers find your jewelry? I am also doing November’s Indie Mart (11/7 at Thee Parkside) and several local stores carry my jewelry including Candystore Collective on 16th Street and D-Structure on Haight.

image of Leyna Lightman SoEx Lace Necklace in Dark Grey
image of Leyna Lightman Buena Vista Lace Earrings in Purple

Date and Tell has a great review of Leyna’s lace necklace.

Interview with Irene Jung of Irene Jung Jewels

I recently met Irene Jung of Irene Jung Jewels online, and felt her design esthetic and story was something to share with our readers. She has a great eye and the skills to mix vintage pieces together to look, well less vinatge-y. I think it’s an amazing skill that few jewelry designers have. Let’s jump right into the interview!

Style Bust: Irene, how did you get started with your own jewelry line?

I started making jewelry as a hobby in college. Then, as soon as I joined Corporate America, I found myself yearning for a creative outlet. I taught myself how to reupholster and refinish vintage furniture, but once I finished decorating my apartment, I felt unfulfilled once more. I have always loved fashion so as I decided to start designing and making jewelry again and I found myself completely passionate and launched Irene Jung Jewels.

Style Bust: Wow, you’re a total DIYer, that’s awesome! Plus you’re so much more ambitious than me…I feel lazy.

Style Bust: Describe your current collection.

My collection is fun, bold, and glamorous with a vintage yet modern twist. All of the pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind. They are also extremely versatile. You can wear them with jeans and a tee, a cocktail dress, or even a power suit. They definitely make an outfit.

image of Flowers are a Girls Best Friend-Irene Jungimage of Rubies-Irene Jungimage of Tequila_Sunrise-Irene Jungimage of Top of the Mark-Irene Jung

Style Bust: I have to point out that some of your necklace names are awesome, I really like: Golden Gate, Tequila Sunrise and Top of the Mark

Style Bust: What inspired your current collection?

I was most inspired by old Hollywood glam and all the the vintage goods I see at auctions, consignment stores, and estate sales – everything from furniture and artwork to fashion. Furniture, in particular, has quality of craftsmanship that you can’t find anymore. Everything is mass produced these days and I wanted my collection to be the exact opposite.

Style Bust: You’d probably get along with our guest blogger Beryl pretty well, she loves furniture!

Style Bust: What makes your designs different?

All of my pieces are original. The chance of someone else having the same necklace as you is slim to none. I love combining beautiful vintage brooches and earrings with bright and colorful stones. The combination is stunning!

Style Bust: What big trends are you seeing in Jewelry for the upcoming fashion seasons?

Big, statement jewelry has been a trend for a while and I see it continuing.

Style Bust: How do you suggest shoppers should go about finding good quality jewelry, are there any secrets to shopping you can tell us about?

People assume that new means better quality, but I disagree. If you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for vintage jewelry. Jewelry that incorporates real stone beads tend to be heavier than plastic jewelry, so I can judge by the weight of the stones whether they are real or not.

Style Bust: What do you see in the future for your collection, are there any new directions you’ll be headed in?

I’m looking to incorporate different types of stones and would like to start using metals. Mostly I’m on the hunt for whatever catches my eye and inspires me when I’m looking for vintage items to incorporate into my designs.

Style Bust: Thanks for your insight. Lastly, where can readers find your jewelry?

All of jewelry can be found at I’m also looking into doing some trunk shows, exhibitions, and fairs in the future. I’m working hard to grow my collection and promise to keep my website updated with my latest creations!

Style Bust: Please keep Style Bust in the loop on all things you’re doing so that we can tell our readers!

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