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Jewelry Looks For Summer 2012

Goldplates Necklaces by Ana Locking

Goldplates necklaces are in the spotlight this Fall and Winter, due in part to Ana Locking’s latest Jewelry Collection called ‘Stance’.
Twisted metal nuts and gold plates dishes were mixed with natural pearls, metal mesh tubes were fitted and winded around the neck. The collection created a wonderful harmony between industrial and classic style.
image of Ana Locking Golden tube choker
image of ana locking Golden tube necklace
image of Ana Locking Golden nuts necklace
image of Ana Locking Golden nuts and pearls necklace
image of Ana Locking Golden discs and pearls necklace

Interview with Leyna of Leyna Lightman Jewelry Design

Leyna Lightman introduced herself to me a month ago, and as soon as I realized she makes lace jewelry I knew I needed to interview her. I like lace jewelry because it looks delicate and feminine. According to some fashion articles I’ve read, mainstream editors like lace too!

Style Bust: Why did you start making jewelry?

I started by making jewelry for myself. I have a short haircut (okay, it’s a fauxhawk….) and it’s perfect for displaying big, dramatic earrings. I fell in love with some local SF jewelry designers and felt inspired to make my own! I was on the lookout for unusual jewelry materials when I discovered some over-the-top appliques in a fabric store and tried them out on earring hooks. Much to my surprise, they took on an elegant and expressive feel as earrings.

Style Bust: Describe your current collection.

I’m loving big, bold colors and unusual shapes. Right now my favorite earrings are called the Buena Vista Earrings and they are oversized flowers with intricate detailing. I dye them a really rich purple that I call ultraviolet. It’s amazing- you’d think big earrings would get lost in long hair but these somehow look like feathers and work with long and short hair equally well. I actually got the lace for the Buena Vistas when I was in Turkey this summer. I am doing several pieces from the lace I got while I was shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

image of Leyna Lightman Dogpatch Lace Necklace in Dark Grey
image of Leyna Lightman Golden Gate Lace Earrings, Handmade in Red

Style Bust: What makes your designs unique?

First of all, it is so hard to go big with your earrings without having them get really heavy. Lace is the perfect antidote! Also, using fabric allows me to get really playful with my designs and add new pieces to my repertoire all the time because I am constantly lace-hunting.

Style Bust: What big jewelry trends are you seeing this season?

Bone! I have been seeing more bone lately and it’s a great material for one-of-a-kind, interesting pieces. Actually, I think people are more interested in statement jewelry in general. My day job is in a museum where people really dress up for work (by California standards!) and I have been seeing a lot of big jewelry.

Style Bust: How do you suggest shoppers should go about finding good quality jewelry, are their any secrets to shopping you can tell us about?

Ooh….great question. You know, there are lessons beyond food that we can take from the slow food movement. Know your artisan! There are such creative, conscientious local jewelry-makers and it’s really rewarding to get to know the people making the pieces you wear. Plus, you can ask all those questions about process, materials etc.

Style Bust: Are there any new directions you’ll be heading in for future collections?

I want to use more chain. I love a little dangle….

Style Bust: Where can readers find your jewelry? I am also doing November’s Indie Mart (11/7 at Thee Parkside) and several local stores carry my jewelry including Candystore Collective on 16th Street and D-Structure on Haight.

image of Leyna Lightman SoEx Lace Necklace in Dark Grey
image of Leyna Lightman Buena Vista Lace Earrings in Purple

Date and Tell has a great review of Leyna’s lace necklace.

Ana Locking Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 Maxi Necklaces

This nice people of the Ana Locking Team sent me a link to their Autumn Winter 2010-2011 ephemeral jewelry collection. The pieces are amazing, and in line with the last ephemeral jewelry collection Ana Locking put out.

The most stunning pieces of the collection (in my opinion) are the maxi-necklaces made with paraffin wax in Black, Blue and Pink, and set on brass bases.

image of Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Black Maxi Necklace

I particularly like the way the large Maxi looks on the male model Matvey. The look is totally appropriate for the runway, however I can’t imagine actually seeing, or appreciating an average man on the street wearing such a large necklace.

Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Blue Stone Maxi Necklace

I was unable to locate more images of this blue necklace, which is too bad because the color is stunning. I think a necklace like this would look ideal with a solid colored outfit…I’m imaging a deep tan or olive outfit would look amazing with it.

Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Pink Stone Maxi necklace

Who doesn’t enjoy looking pretty in pink?

Sara Skotte porcelain jewelry

Oslo based porcelain designer Sara Skotte is on a mission to change people’s perception of porcelain. She’s designed some beautiful animal necklaces that are selling across Norway. I can’t wait for them to hit stateside so I can buy a couple!

Trend Alert: Layered Necklaces

image of Sarah Jessica Parker Layering necklaces

My favorite accessory, hands down, would have to be necklaces. There are chokers, pendant necklaces, pearl necklaces, bead necklaces, gold and sterling silver necklaces, long draping necklaces, plastic necklaces, and jeweled necklaces to choose from, who wouldn’t find what they’re looking for with all this variety? For me, deciding which one to wear each day is challenging because I more than one work with my outfit….so bring on the Spring 2010 trend of layering necklaces.

image of kate hudson layering neckalces

Layering necklaces to create entirely new looks. The key to layering necklaces is layering different styles of necklaces. If you layer necklaces that are all the same, the look is not as effective or nearly as interesting. Try to find necklaces that are of different lengths. Also try alternating pendants and beaded necklaces. You shouldn’t be afraid of mixing metals. In the past, mixing gold and sterling silver jewelry was a faux pas, but when it comes to this trend, mixing metals is completely fine. Also, don’t worry about it being too bulky. Usually, more you have on, the better, but do not go overboard. Three to four necklaces should do the trick! If the necklaces are bulky on their own opt for a smaller number of necklaces. If they are thin and dainty you can add more! Try to mix weights, colors, lengths, and styles, and you will come out with a fabulous new look.

image o fblake lively layering necklaces

A Small Collection

Image of Alyson Fox A Small Collection online store

Artist and housewares designer Alyson Fox’s new project , out this Spring, involves an edited group of handcrafted accessories and clothing. The pieces are sold at

Her necklaces mix industrial metals, like ball chains, with wood and turquoise beads, it’s very unique and distinct, yet subtle. On some necklaces, she hand-inks prints onto fabric beads and cords make the prints a one-of-a-kind. Her clothing consists of geometric silk-screened or ikat tanks and a simple silk dress are just as artful as her jewelry (and comfortable looking).

Each creation is a limited-edition piece. So get em while their hot!

TOM TOM: Shape Shape It Up Spring 2010


I have my eye on Tom Tom Jewelry’s Spring 2010 “Shape Shape It Up” collection. The geometric shapes, gems, and flashy metallic ornaments are named after some of my favorite songs to shake it to. I’m particularly a fan of the necklaces, shown above, but so we’re clear, the collection does include some bracelets and earrings as well, and with price tags hovering around $100, they’re great statement pieces that won’t cost you your accessories allowance for the month.

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