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Interview With The Designers Of Kajan Padraig

Cake Carlos and Patrick Steber, the designers behind Kajan Padraig are probably the most professional designers I’ve ever worked with. They come to models calls and fashion production meetings extremely prepared and always have a handful of great questions to ask. It’s been a lot of fun to get to know both Cake and Patrick better of the past couple of months and I look forward to seeing their show at the Give Back Gala on April 2nd, 2011.

Cake Carlos and Patrick Steber of Kajan Padraig

Cake and Patrick took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a couple of questions for our readers, here goes.

Style Bust: How did you get into fashion design?

Cake Carlos: Looking at how my life came together, it just made sense. I have a talent and passion for sketching that really came to life when I moved to America from Thailand. As a child and adolescent, I would help my mother sew piece goods. I have always loved clothing and had an eye for design. With skills and passion in these areas, I moved confidently in the direction of fashion and enrolled myself at FIDM.

Patrick Steber: My first love is fabric. I remember walking through department stores with my mother, arms outstretched, feeling all the fabrics that I could get my hands on. As I grew older, I would
pull out vintage clothes of my mother’s and dress my sister in them. I would then create elaborate runway shows the length of my parent’s hallway. It did not dawn on me until I was twenty that I could do more than just imagine these shows. With that realization, I submitted my application to design school and never looked back.

Style Bust: How did the two of you form your design partnership?

Patrick Steber: Cake and I worked together at a very talented San Francisco designer for three years before setting off on our own. We both wanted our own design house some day and talked about it often. We worked extremely well together and had the same passion and energy to succeed. Our strengths complimented each other. What sealed the deal for our partnership was that we could actually enjoy each other’s company even after ten hours of working side-by-side, six days a week.

Style Bust: How long have you been designing together?

Cake Carols: We have been designing together as Kajan Padraig since December of 2009.

Style Bust: Were you designing independently before you teamed up?

Patrick Steber: Yes, but both on a much smaller scale. Cake was making dresses for herself and her sister for weddings and other events. I designed and presented for a few indie fashion shows in San Francisco. Both of us have continually re-purposed our own clothes to keep them fresh and exciting. We draw on these past experiences and designs in our work together.

Style Bust: What would you say are some of the benefits to designing with a partner?

Cake Carols: Someone to share the stress!! In all seriousness, it is extremely beneficial to have another pair of eyes and another creative viewpoint. As designers, we tend to get stuck in our own heads. It is nice to have someone help you continue in a positive direction, or to help you rethink something you have stared at for too long. We help each other grow as designers and as entrepreneurs. It is very easy to spread yourself too thin and we both feel very lucky to be able to focus on our strengths, knowing that the other is there to help carry the load.

Style Bust: Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion.

Patrick Steber: Our philosophy of the art of fashion follows that of the philosophy of all art. The new is created in response to the old. Either building upon or reacting against. Fashion is ever changing and, for us, it is anything we want it to be. Our aim is to design beautiful clothes that make women feel confident, regardless of trend.

Style Bust: Describe the collection you will be showing at the Give Back Gala.

Cake Carlos: We are showing a full collection from shorts and tank tops to full length evening gowns. Our collection is bright and optimistic, while drawing it’s strengths from the solid foundations of design. Our color choices evolved from this philosophy. We started with solid, sensible neutrals then introduced chartreuse, lavender and watercolor prints to infuse optimism and hope. Nothing is so over the top that you can’t see yourself wearing it right off the runway.

Style Bust: What inspired this collection?

Patrick Steber: In a word, Lines. More specifically, the shapes and emotions they create. We played with soft, draped lines to tailored and architectural lines and then the occasional manipulation of those lines. The beauty of the female back also inspired us. A lot of the designs have the focus on the back.

Style Bust: Why should people come out to see your work at this show?

Cake Carlos: We are creating a full experience for the audience. We are putting on a show, of course, but more importantly, we are showcasing the beauty of our aesthetic. We want women to see that beauty, relate to it and want to be a part of it.

Style Bust: If you could do anything else (professionally) what would it be?

Cake Carlos: I don’t see myself doing anything else.

Patrick Steber: Designing runway shows and making innovative textiles.

Style Bust: How can people get in touch with you?, email: [email protected]

Fashion Adventurist: Q&A interview with Kimo of Effie’s Heart

With all of the mass produced clothing and accessories out there today it’s hard to find quality, unique pieces that are wearable for everyday.  Ladies, no need to look any further…we’ve found a local indie designer worth knowing about!

Effie’s Heart is a vintage inspired clothing and accessories treasure!  Beautifully detailed and designed pieces with a classic, but modern touch.  Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Kimo, the founder and designer of Effie’s Heart has a lust for life (inherited from her Aunt Effie), and believes in true originality which is clearly showcased in all of her designs.

Dolce Vita dress, Seven Year skirt, Madalena headband

Style Bust had the opportunity to ask Kimo some questions about her inspirations and what it’s like to be the brain behind Effie’s Heart.

Style Bust: How did Effie’s Heart get started?

I started the company 5 years ago with just a few t-shirts and totes.

SB: When did your love and passion for design start?

I have been sewing and creating clothing since I was a small child.  All the arts intrigue me, but I have a special affinity for clothing and accessories.

SB: Who is the Effie’s Heart customer?

Effie’s heart fits a broad range of customers.  Because the clothing is so classic and functional, granddaughters, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers have told me they fight over a certain size when it first gets to the boutique.

SB: Who are your fashion influences?  Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I am influenced by everyone and everything around me.  To be a good designer you have to have your fashion radar on at all times.  You never now when the next perfect style line or killer color will brush past you.  I collect all the pieces and save them when it’s time to design a new line.

SB: What Effie’s Heart piece do you think everyone should own (any signature pieces)?

The seven year skirt and the riding tights are wardrobe layering essentials.  The dolce vita dress is perfect for every size and shape of woman.

SB: What are your favorite trends for the upcoming season (Spring 2011)?

Feminity is back!!!

SB: What is your favorite thing about what you’re doing (creator of Effie’s Heart)?

As an indie fashion designer I have to work 24/ 7.  I love all parts of my job.  From designing to shipping to selling to marketing and accounting and budgeting.  Being able to do different things everyday keeps life exciting. There is never a chance to get bored.

SB: How is Effie’s Heart different from other vintage retailers?

The clothing has a hint of history in the design, but the clothing is new and very modern.  I design for today’s busy woman.  My designs are easy to care for, very comfortable with a perfect fit.

A huge thank you to Kimo and Effie’s Heart for being a true fashion adventurist and creating such special pieces!


11/26: Meet Desinger Nina Basharova at Manika Jewelry

San Francisco’s Manika Jewelry is hosting a “Meet the Designer” event with Nina Basharova on Friday, November 26th 11AM to 6PM at Manika Jewelry (11 Maiden Lane, San Francisco).

Avoid the Black Friday chaos and spend the day with Nina Basharova. Nina is an internationally renowned fine jewelry designer. Her “Milky Way” collection is a favorite of wedding and bridal magazines. The Knot, Brides, Elegant Brides, and Weddings are among those that have taken notice of her unique designs such as the Milky Way Garland Choker shown below.

image of Nina Basharova Garland Choker

Outside of the wedding space, Glamour and Redbook have featured her popular “Barbed Wire” and “Pea Pod” collections. I’m a HUGE fan of the “Combined Rings”.

image of Nina Basharova Pea Pod Pendants
image of Nina-Basarova-Long-Citrine-Chandeliers
image of Nina Basharova Combined Rings

If you like what you see, please come out and meet Nina at Manika Jewelry this Friday!

New Menswear Label MENK

San Francisco based fashion designer Mansha Khithani recently launched menswear label MENK.

Menk’s debut Fall/Winter 2010 collection is rooted in detail, craftsmanship and fit. The collection is constructed of the finest in cotton-linen, pure cotton and wool fabrics. You’ll find a selection of jackets and shirts that are ideal for Northern California’s crisp autumn and winter weather.

Just a bit daring and always crafted to the highest standards, MENK is a brand that will quickly become a fashion standard for an active urban lifestyle.

image of Menk Linen Chambray Band Shirt
image of Menk Poplin Shirt
image of Menk wool herringbone sport coat

The pieces can be purchased online at Menk. Menk is also available in San Francisco at Mission Statement and Wonderland SF Gallery and Boutique.

Interview with Irene Jung of Irene Jung Jewels

I recently met Irene Jung of Irene Jung Jewels online, and felt her design esthetic and story was something to share with our readers. She has a great eye and the skills to mix vintage pieces together to look, well less vinatge-y. I think it’s an amazing skill that few jewelry designers have. Let’s jump right into the interview!

Style Bust: Irene, how did you get started with your own jewelry line?

I started making jewelry as a hobby in college. Then, as soon as I joined Corporate America, I found myself yearning for a creative outlet. I taught myself how to reupholster and refinish vintage furniture, but once I finished decorating my apartment, I felt unfulfilled once more. I have always loved fashion so as I decided to start designing and making jewelry again and I found myself completely passionate and launched Irene Jung Jewels.

Style Bust: Wow, you’re a total DIYer, that’s awesome! Plus you’re so much more ambitious than me…I feel lazy.

Style Bust: Describe your current collection.

My collection is fun, bold, and glamorous with a vintage yet modern twist. All of the pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind. They are also extremely versatile. You can wear them with jeans and a tee, a cocktail dress, or even a power suit. They definitely make an outfit.

image of Flowers are a Girls Best Friend-Irene Jungimage of Rubies-Irene Jungimage of Tequila_Sunrise-Irene Jungimage of Top of the Mark-Irene Jung

Style Bust: I have to point out that some of your necklace names are awesome, I really like: Golden Gate, Tequila Sunrise and Top of the Mark

Style Bust: What inspired your current collection?

I was most inspired by old Hollywood glam and all the the vintage goods I see at auctions, consignment stores, and estate sales – everything from furniture and artwork to fashion. Furniture, in particular, has quality of craftsmanship that you can’t find anymore. Everything is mass produced these days and I wanted my collection to be the exact opposite.

Style Bust: You’d probably get along with our guest blogger Beryl pretty well, she loves furniture!

Style Bust: What makes your designs different?

All of my pieces are original. The chance of someone else having the same necklace as you is slim to none. I love combining beautiful vintage brooches and earrings with bright and colorful stones. The combination is stunning!

Style Bust: What big trends are you seeing in Jewelry for the upcoming fashion seasons?

Big, statement jewelry has been a trend for a while and I see it continuing.

Style Bust: How do you suggest shoppers should go about finding good quality jewelry, are there any secrets to shopping you can tell us about?

People assume that new means better quality, but I disagree. If you can’t tell, I’m a sucker for vintage jewelry. Jewelry that incorporates real stone beads tend to be heavier than plastic jewelry, so I can judge by the weight of the stones whether they are real or not.

Style Bust: What do you see in the future for your collection, are there any new directions you’ll be headed in?

I’m looking to incorporate different types of stones and would like to start using metals. Mostly I’m on the hunt for whatever catches my eye and inspires me when I’m looking for vintage items to incorporate into my designs.

Style Bust: Thanks for your insight. Lastly, where can readers find your jewelry?

All of jewelry can be found at I’m also looking into doing some trunk shows, exhibitions, and fairs in the future. I’m working hard to grow my collection and promise to keep my website updated with my latest creations!

Style Bust: Please keep Style Bust in the loop on all things you’re doing so that we can tell our readers!

Getting Sassy, A Recap of Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash SF

Last Thursday, on a cold San Francisco day, all the ladies at Sassy City Chicks Fashion Bash were feeling pretty hot. Music was going, complimentary Dirty Blonde Cocktails were flowing as well as complimentary massages and hair styling curiosity of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology.  But the biggest draw for me was the unique selection of clothing and accessories at steep discounts. There were about sixty designers exhibiting, and the booths were well surrounded by women trying to take advantage of great deals before they were all gone. There was no need to rush but I felt like I had to think fast and move fast because I wanted to see everything.

Items included dresses, tops, sportswear, handbags, jewelry, and designer denim like that from Pamela Sukeforth’s Fashionistette booth where there was no reason to question a denim buy at a great price. Mid length cotton tees and cropped tanks stood out as a trend as well as stripes and extra loose cardigans. Jewelry ranged from independent designers like Pretty Fun Design to Stella & Dot who actually host private home parties (which is a great idea for anyone planning a bridal shower).

Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace

Guilian Rancic wearing Stella & Dot

Now lets talk about the ticket price.  The Tote (goodie bag) ticket entry price at $20.00 was a great deal. There were over a dozen items, composed of all the perfect ingredients for staying out all night and still looking put together the next morning…that’s pretty Sassy if you ask me! I know the contents of my goodie bag got put to good use this last weekend.

The bag included great practical products. Some stands out items were, Pixi by Petra’s Vitamin Lipsilk, Revlon Fantasy length lashes, and sexy underwear from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. I had my first taste of Brain Toniq, an organic designed to give you mental clarity and a wiser choice than Redbull. There was a full-sized sample of a Kind health bar, and after trying this bar for the first time ever, I know (100%) I will be buying them in the future. I was expecting a chewy, sugary bar but it was the right amount of sweet and tasted pretty fresh. I’m also always happy to have a reusable bag for taking my lunch to work or for what I call my “Mr. Rogers switch” which carries my work shoes to comfy shoes.

Sassy City Chick’s Fashion Bash events take place in San Francisco as well as other cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and Miami. With the Holiday’s coming up, it is definitely a good place to grab gifts for your friends and family. Check out Sassy City Chick’s for upcoming events.

Interview with Afterlife Boutique in San Francisco

I don’t own much jewelry. Yes I love all that sparkles and shines but when it comes to jewelry I look for pieces that look somewhat vintage, not too delicate and instead more bold. I have a few items that I rotate and it is pretty rare that I come across a piece that earns that status. Afterlife Boutique is the latest to carry jewelry that has stopped me and made me wish I could say, “I’ll take one of each please”.

Co-owned by the brother and sister duo, Danielle and Luke Teller, Afterlife opened its doors in May of 2010 in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco. Alongside their finely selected vintage attire the boutique carries the site specific line for Afterlife and Adoura Demode a redesigned vintage line, both designed by Danielle Teller.

Afterlife’s line is made up of geometric shapes, chain links and jagged lines. The angles and bold designs create an edge that is easy to pair with one of their vintage rock band shirts, while the silver materials shine just enough to make easily make an item one of your daily standout favorites.

The Adoura Demode collection has a more treasured feel. Natural shapes and weathered metals make items look like they have been passed down yet the designs are strong enough to set them apart from your grandmother’s jewelry or any specific era.

With so many vintage stores opening up in San Francisco, I wanted to know how Afterlife came into existence and the concept behind the jewelry. I asked Danielle a couple questions just to get an introduction to the store I know I’ll be forming a beautiful friendship with.

Style Bust: Who is Afterlife?
A little background about yourselves, how you got involved with vintage clothing and how long ago did you decide to set out on this mission?

My brother and I started collecting vintage clothes 6 years ago. We started selling clothes on ebay and to private dealers. We kept the majority of our rare and collectible rock concert tees in hopes of having our own store someday. After I graduated college in May 2009, I bummed around for 6 months, traveled, and gathered inspiration to start a store.

Style Bust: I think the name of your boutique is brilliant, was it hard for a brother and sister to duel this one out?
The name for the store came to me from a lecture by one of my product design professors. The lecture was about recycling. Her main point was that everything has an afterlife and that designers should design without an end in sight… something timeless. She spoke about planned obsolescence and moral responsibilities designers should have when creating a product. I was particularly interested in that lecture because I had been designing a reconstructed jewelry line; Adoura Demode.

Style Bust: Danielle you have your own jewelry line, Adoura Demode that you have labeled redesigned vintage, what made you combine the new with the old?
Adoura Demode is about mixing old and new. Taking something that has already been designed, loved, lost, and then found again reworked into something totally new and relative to today’s style and trends. I wanted to mix old and new because it makes things more unique. Instead of creating items that are mass produced, it limits the line based on what materials I can find. Certain styles are truly one of a kind. I think people want something not everybody else has, especially with something as personal as jewelry.

Style Bust: What do you consider to be the main difference between Adoura Demode and the line for Afterlife?
The Afterlife line is inspired mainly by unit construction, popular in the 1970’s, and I use a lot of Native American designs. The line has some pieces that are one of a kind, but for the most part, they can be re fabricated. The line is different both in style and materials. I use all sterling silver and both new and salvaged, the line is calculated, but still very free….

Style Bust: Your boutique also carries new items from the brand Cheap Monday, what is it about that specific brand that stood out for you?
Afterlife strives to house items that are timeless, meaning the style is not just a cheap hot fad, but more of a place items can be remembered and appreciated for years to come. I wanted to sell Cheap Monday in our store because their basics pair really well with vintage, both in style and price.

Style Bust: I had the privilege getting to see Pow! and Blasted Canyons at your store, are you going to have bands playing on a regular basis?
We try to have shows once or twice a month. So far we have had really amazing local bands such as: Ty Segal, Honey, Lilac, Pow!, and Blasted Canyons as well as Art installation by Hannah Stouffer. The shows are always a lot of fun and they really bring a sense of community to the store.

Style Bust: Anything else we can expect in the near future from Afterlife?
We are going to launch an online store in November if not sooner.

The Afterlife line and Adoura Demode are great additions to your own vintage items that you have successfully brought back to life. The boutiques carries vintage essentials like band t-shirts, leather jackets, boots, bags, western shirts, and dresses that have outlasted trends and become staples in the fashion industry and get recreated every year. The difference is that Afterlife carries original items that have been saved and chosen for their uniqueness and quality.

You can Visit Afterlife online and at:
988 Valencia Street
(between 20th Street and 21st Street)
San Francisco, CA, 94110

Adoura Demode can be seen at

What’s your take on how to wear vintage pieces without it being complete overkill and looking like a game of dress up? What is one of your own personal finds that you could never part with?

Interview with Pamela Sukeforth of

image of Pamela Sukeforth of Fashionistette

I learned about Fashionistette months ago through the powers of Twitter (Twitter recommended I follow @fashionistettes, so I did, and lucky for me, Pamela followed @FashionBust back!). What is you ask? Well, the short answer is it’s one of the strongest online women’s boutiques based in the Bay Area. The site featured a range of sought after, yet difficult to find fashion labels.

I met Pamela Sukeforth (pictured to the left), founder of the eCommerce site a couple of weeks ago through Justyna of Moda Epidemic. Not knowing too much more than I’ve already told your about Fashionistette or Fashion in eCommerce, I set out with a list of questions to ask Pamela to learn more about what she’s up to. Here are Pamela’s answers!

Style Bust: What was the first item you purchased online?
I bought Zooey Tee from about 5 years ago.

Style Bust: What were you doing before you started Fashionistette?
My career has been in Corporate Retail Planning and Buying for big companies like Macy’s and Guess? Jeans. I have always wanted to start and run my on business and decided to go for it two years ago.

Style Bust: Can you describe the circumstances and your thinking that led to the decision of creating an eCommerce site?
I am new to eCommerce and really enjoy the creativity to building and maintaining an online business. I decided to go online because retail has been soft in SF and wanted to reach more customers.

Style Bust: Describe the work behind creating the site.
I wanted to build the website myself but didn’t know HTML so I had to learn and develop at the same time. The process has been rewarding and challenging.
Style Bust: Wow, that’s very impressive!

Style Bust: What separates Fashionisette from its competitors?
I offer current merchandise from contemporary fashion brands. Customers like the special discounts, pop-up sales and giveaways I do with partner blogs. They have said they like the merchandise, product photography on a model and my blog.

Style Bust: What type of brands do you sell?
I sell women’s contemporary brands like Black Halo, Twelfth Street, Nation Ltd and Genetic Denim (the images below give you a taste of what I sell).

image of black halo blue shirt
image of black halo plum dress
image of black halo walnut dress

Style Bust: I’m a huge fan of the white shorts by Black Halo. They look absolutely perfect!

Style Bust: How do you go about selecting and buying items for the site?
I go to LA Fashion Market quarterly and buy existing brands selecting the best pieces to ship each month. Also, I look at new brands to add to the assortment different price points.

Style Bust: Does your personal style play into your buying role a lot?
Yes Fashionistette is a reflection of my personal style, which is casual chic and easy to wear day to evening.

Style Bust: If you could pass along one piece of advice to someone considering creating an eCommerce site, what would it be?
SEO is very important for web traffic.

Style Bust: Final question. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?
yes, I will be a vendor at the Sassy City Chicks shopping event at Fort Mason on September 16th, 2010. This will give shoppers a chance to see and try on merchandise up to 80% off retail. Flyer:
image of Sassy City Chick Fashion Bash Sample Sale

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