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Women’s Jackets for Winter 2011

Women have a lot of options when it comes to outerwear for Winter 2011. Some decide to go with options like Volcom from DogFunk while others choose to go with styles like Steve Madden. There are many updates to basic styles including the blazer, military jacket, trench coat and double-breasted coat. These updated basics, and a handful of new(er) jacket styles are adorned with modern touches like: belts, bows, fur, lace, metals and other materials specific to the season. Coats of all lengths can be found on the runways and on the streets for Fall and Winter 2011. You’ll see that the majority of jackets are mid-length; however if you are a fan of cropped, or long jackets, this winter is the season to invest in one. I recommend going for a m-length jacket (one that falls mid-thigh). As far as color palette goes, you can find jackets in deep reds, oranges, dark greens, blues and every shade and tone of neutral colors.

For inspiration, I’ve put together some of the best styles available this winter. If you’re ready to make a purchase – check out the assortment of women’s winter coats from JD Williams online.

image of Swing Jackets for winter 2011

Swing Coats:

Swing coats (pictured above) can be recognized by the way it “tents” or “bells out” at the bottom. The style is very feminine and romantic.  Swing jackets come is a variety of lengths this season – note the longer the jacket, the more it swings away from the body as you move.


image of double breasted jackets

Double-Breasted Jackets:

Double-Breasted Jackets (pictured above) give wearers that desired “hourglass” figure. The classic cut of a coat expressively emphasizes clean lines collar double-breasted, that visually lengthens the neck and makes a woman attractive.


image of Oval shaped jackets winter 2011

Oval Shaped Jackets:

Oval Shaped jackets (pictured above), is exactly that, and oval-shaped silhouette that has the most “room” in the midsection. The oval shape jacket usually has large pockets, collars and 3/4 length sleeves. The original shape of an oval coat came to us from the ’60s and permanently entrenched in the hardcore fashionistas wardrobes. I love this style for the season. The jackets looks great with skinny pants and fitted skirts.


‘Tis the season for Holiday dresses

It’s that time again, when your calendars start filling up with Holiday functions.  Whatever your Holiday plans entail, this time of year can be hectic…planning dinner parties, scheduling vacation time, or most importantly, finding something to wear to all of your Holiday events.

I’m here to possibly help lower your stress level.  I’ve created looks appropriate for all of the events you have scheduled for this Holiday season!

The Office Party

Boat necklines are very elegant and flattering on most body types.  Pair a LBD with nude heels and a jacket with a pop of color for a polished and sophisticated look.  You might not wear this at the office, but you want your outfit to portray you and your professionalism (even if you you are dancing with the guy from accounting)!

Affordable options: Pleated v-neck dress, Ruffle jacket

Dinner with your boyfriend (and his parents)

This dress is festive, cute and the coverage of the dress is perfect for dinner with your future in-laws!  Pair a short dress with opaque tights for a charming, yet modern look (his parents will be sure to adore you)!

Affordable options: Chiffon dress, Open-toe platform heels

Dinner with friends

This is a trendy outfit that your friends will appreciate!  Pair a cable-knit sweater with a knee length skirt for that “lady-like” look that we love for Fall.  Add a motorcycle jacket and ankle boots for a little edge.

Affordable options: Wrap skirt, Ribbed collar jacket

Cocktail Party

Nothing screams the Holiday’s like a little bit of glitz and glam.  If you’re attending a “cocktail party,” this is the perfect look.  Pair a metallic dress with platform ankle boots for a flirty and fun look!

Affordable options: Metallic lace dress, Zipper clutch

Still, and Perhaps Forever Channeling Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have become a fashion sensation, and why not?  They’re classic, versatile, and chic, and give the perfect amount of edge to every outfit.  While leather jackets were once reserved for the motorcycle folk, they’re now worn by a plethora of people, for any occasion, during any season.  What’s hot about leather jackets is that they effortlessly transform an outfit, and stand out, but not too much!  There is a bounty of styles out there: the cropped black, the brown blazer, the studded fold-over, the leather and wool combo, and many more.  These jackets have become a staple item in many closets.

As for sporting these modish pieces, there are many ways to do so.  Firstly, there is the never-fail-pairing of the jacket with jeans.  Try a white over-sized t-shirt (James Perse, Alexander Wang T-Line, American Apparel, etc.) a cropped black leather jacket and a pair of dark or light jeans.  Secondly, if you’re opting for a dressier look, try a leather jacket over a floral loose-fitting dress,  a neutral-colored slip, a party dress, or an asymmetrical dress.  You also can’t go wrong with adding black tights, which always complement a leather jacket.  Thirdly, sport the jacket with a skirt, maybe a ballerina or pencil.  If you’re feeling more daring, show some legs and add a pair of heels to the pencil skirt, and pair the ballerina skirt with a pair of oxfords or combat boots.  Truly, whether you’re dressed up or dressed down, the leather jacket will revolutionize any outfit.

Fur Real.

image of women wearing fur coats

It may be hated by members of animal rights groups but it loved by the rich and famous; fur is making a big comeback on the runway! Although some may argue that it never really left the lap of luxury, it certainly has never been so big with the middle class and ballers on a budget alike.

Fashionable faux fur coats for Fall 2010

With the improvement of faux fur, it is easier than ever to give the illusion of grandeur. I found a knee length faux leopard print coat at the Value Village on Capitol Hill for only $14! I was blown away. Last winter H&M also had a few of really nice faux fur stoles and vests that were beyond affordable. It can be a little cheesy but I think when done right, a faux fur stole can be cute.

Freddy Mercury in Faux Fur

I was Freddy Mercury for Halloween and wore my faux stole.

And if you’re hustlin’ enough to be able to buy the real thing, go for it! Unless you have hang ups about it, that is. Sometimes, If you search hard enough, you can find the real thing in vintage shops or thrift stores. My friend found a real rabbit fur vest at Value Village for around $28. I also tried to heckle a mink stole out of the hands of a crazy old woman at the goodwill bins (who was going to give it to her cat!!!) but with little luck. I probably would’ve paid like 70 cents for it.

image of the universal no symbol

This fall, fur is a staple no matter what the look is, and for good reason. It isn’t only luxurious but practical too. Nothing keeps the chill away like the hide of an animal (or the fibers of a fake one)!

Military, again?

image of military fashion jackets and tights

Yes…I know Summer is about to begin, but I’m ready for Fall (the most exciting season in fashion)!
One of my favorite trends for Fall, is the military/aviator-inspired look. I know we’ve been seeing this trend since 2008, but this season the look is more subtle and all about functionality and utility. And less of the pomp and ceremony look we’ve seen in the past.

image of military fashion street style
image of military fashion black jacket
image of military fashion skirts

Aren’t you excited for Fall 2010?

The Leopard Print Coat



One of this season’s hottest takes on outerwear comes in the form of lovely leopard print coats. Easily paired with a classic all-black ensemble, leopard print coats are definitely for the girls that want to make a statement with their cool weather attire. This is why fashion-forward celebrities like Nicky Hilton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung have been seen in the cozy trend.

Traditionally a symbol of luxury, sexiness and glamour, the leopard print coat is also popular because of its surprising versatility. It works well with casual ensembles for a day of shopping, like Nicky’s coat, but also packs enough glamour for a special night out, complete with cat-eye makeup like Kate Moss.

Get one for yourself:


Pencey High Collar Leopard Jacket $385
Alice + Olivia Shawl Collar Faux Fur Jacket $385



Lucky Brand’s Leopard Faux Fur Coat $199
Motel’s The Husky Coat in Leopard $162

Bebe Leather Moto Jacket

Bebe hasn’t designed anything news worthy in years…but their Leather Moto Jacket is HOT HOT HOT! It’s resoanably priced at $198.00, comes in 2 colors, black and sapphire blue (this one is super ugly). Levis has a similar Leather Moto Jacket selling for $298. The Levis jacket comes in normal colors: black and brown; and though I’d way rather sport the Levis brand…I’m going to purchase Bebe ‘s Leather Moto Jacket becuase the price tag is right on!

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