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German Designer Steffen Schraut

I just learned about the self titled German womenswear design label Steffen Schraut while browsing STYLEBOP for Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals. I was immediately drawn to his leopard and frappe animal prints; I’m usually not a fan of either because they tend to be too loud for me – his prints are not overstated. I also really appreciate the polished, clean looks of his leather blazers and leather skirts. They are cut and tailored very well and look uber sophisticated, which is uncommon for leather pieces.

I did some digging on the label, and was surprised to hear that Steffen Schraut has been around since 2001.  And that his collections have been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Elle, Grazia and Apropos; yet an avid fashion follower, like myself, didn’t know of the line! That’s probably becuase Steffen Schraut has never shown at fashion week, and a google search “find Steffen Schraut” will bring back few retailers who sell his collection and hardly any articles about the designer.

Images of Steffen Schraut Winter 2011 Collection (source:

image of steffen schraut winter 2011

image of steffen schraut winter 2011 2

image of steffen schraut winter 2011 1

Since his debut in 2001, Steffen Schraut’s collections have been consistently minimalistic and yet reveal extraordinary attention to the details. The styles combine sophistication and flirty femininity through the thoughtful use of fur, lace, bows, fringe, ties, rhinestones and color-blocks. His pieces range in price from $150-$1200 USD.

Steffen Schraut works with one of the best European photographers, Gyslain Yarhi for his seasonal lookbooks. He worked with Anselm Woesler for a Spring 2011 collection video.

Rugby Holiday 2010 Lookbook

image of rugby holiday lookbook

Rugby Ralph Lauren launched the first batch of their Holiday 2010 collection in stores and at on October 13th. The collection features all the great preppy pieces we’ve grown to expect from Rugby; cargo pants, tweed jackets, blazers, cardigans and sweaters. Unfortunately nothing about the collection is really that new or cutting edge – Rugby is known for playing it safe, and that is what they’ve done once more with the Holiday collection.

There are a couple of pieces I especially like; the evergreen tree/reindeer womens sweater as well as the burgundy, yellow and black stripped mens blazer.

What do you like?

image of rugby holiday lookbook sweater
image of rugby holiday lookbook guys
image of rugby holiday lookbook striped blazer
image of rugby holiday lookbook sidecar

Chris Benz’ Resort 2011

For Chris Benz’ Resort 2011 Collection, Benz ditches his NYC stomping grounds to re-imagine life in ’50s in Los Angeles. This collection was inspired by the Californian mid-century sculptor Sascha Brastoff, a very elegant, Los Anageles woman of the time. The designs consist of vintage inspired Hollywood glam dresses in ivory and black, tweed jackets, perfectly fit blazers, delicately draped organza tops, long flowing dresses, pleated pants, shorts ad a very great textile necklace.

The Collection in its entirety looks more thrown together than most Resort Collections – I have a hard time understanding the theme and at times I feel the inspiration doesn’t show through in the outfits. The pieces on their own are nice, but nothing extraordinary has happened with this Resort Collection.

Alexander Wang Resort 2010 Collection

Alexander Wang’s clothing has long been considered downtown urban dressing at its best. For his Resort 2010 collection, Alexander Wang is suddenly channeling more of a suburban lifestyle. The colors consists of his basic “urban” palette: deep rust, slate, black and khaki. Most of the Resort 2010 separates take suburban staples and turn them on their heads. Running shorts are made of leather, trenches have a distinct bathrobe look, black and white ribbed athletic socks are worn with Birkenstock-like shoes (ew), and slacks and sweats are styled with leather and studs a la Alex.

The piece as styled for the lookbook appear incomplete and thrown together quickly, similar to what a Soccer Mom with three rug rats might be forced to do on a daily basis. Tragic. As for the Resort, aka vacation collection, I personally wouldn’t wear these pieces on jet setting holiday, I’d rather by knock offs from Tagret or Walmart and wear them doing chores around the apartment on a Sunday afternoon.

Missoni’s Resort 2010/2011 Collections

Missoni Resort 2010 2011
Missoni Resort 2010 2011

Missoni and M Missoni Resort 2010/2011 Collection’s seem to be deeply inspired by the 60’s with bright colors and youth shapes, but this is where the similarities between the two collections end. I hate that I’m not completely on board with what Angela Missoni is doing with the Missoni collection. I’ve loved, loved, loved everything Missoni and M Missoni has done for years (if not decades) with little or no criticism. I’m completely turned off by the looks shown above for the Missoni Resort line. The pieces show strong tribal references and shortened silhouettes, which sounds fine, but looks a bit too Palm Springs, Caribbean and Third World in its execution. Maybe my friends and acquaintances aren’t versatile enough and therefore I’m sheltered, but I can’t think of a single person who would think to purchase any of these pieces, let alone look comfortable and confident while wearing them.

M Missoni Resort 2010 2011
M Missoni Resort 2010 2011

Shown above are pieces from the M Missoni Resort 2010/2011 collection. I feel much more familiar and at home with these pieces. I love the rather basic and even plain silhouettes with their pop of unusually old-school-cool colors. And I must point out these adorable colored heels, they are great! I especially like that the ankle straps are gold. Overall, I think the collection seems much more sophisticated and versatile than the Missoni Resort collection. I hope I do find some people on the streets in these pieces. They should mix and match perfectly into other staple pieces we already have in our wardrobes. I hope you too are an M Missoni girl this time around!

Military, again?

image of military fashion jackets and tights

Yes…I know Summer is about to begin, but I’m ready for Fall (the most exciting season in fashion)!
One of my favorite trends for Fall, is the military/aviator-inspired look. I know we’ve been seeing this trend since 2008, but this season the look is more subtle and all about functionality and utility. And less of the pomp and ceremony look we’ve seen in the past.

image of military fashion street style
image of military fashion black jacket
image of military fashion skirts

Aren’t you excited for Fall 2010?

Bassike Spring/Summer 2011

Collections for Spring and Summer 2011 are here! This is the first look at Australian label Bassike shown during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. The collection proved to be one of RAFW favorites featuring double denim, heavy black and white stripes, Rodarte-esque knits and origami folding. needless to say, the Bassike runway was anything but basic. What I liked best about the collection was the casual tops and dresses for women pictured here.

Whillas & Gunn: Autumn/Winter 2010

New Australian label Whillas & Gunn combines timeless rugged Australian outerwear with the polished fit of contemporary styling. With all the Heritage brands out now, it’s good to see one is emerging from down under. Just don’t mistake it for anything Crocodile Dundee might wear.

image of whillas-gunn Fall Winter 2010
image of whillas-gunn Fall Winter 2010
image of whillas-gunn Fall Winter 2010
image of whillas-gunn Fall Winter 2010

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