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German Designer Steffen Schraut

I just learned about the self titled German womenswear design label Steffen Schraut while browsing STYLEBOP for Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals. I was immediately drawn to his leopard and frappe animal prints; I’m usually not a fan of either because they tend to be too loud for me – his prints are not overstated. I also really appreciate the polished, clean looks of his leather blazers and leather skirts. They are cut and tailored very well and look uber sophisticated, which is uncommon for leather pieces.

I did some digging on the label, and was surprised to hear that Steffen Schraut has been around since 2001.  And that his collections have been featured in major publications such as Vogue, Elle, Grazia and Apropos; yet an avid fashion follower, like myself, didn’t know of the line! That’s probably becuase Steffen Schraut has never shown at fashion week, and a google search “find Steffen Schraut” will bring back few retailers who sell his collection and hardly any articles about the designer.

Images of Steffen Schraut Winter 2011 Collection (source:

image of steffen schraut winter 2011

image of steffen schraut winter 2011 2

image of steffen schraut winter 2011 1

Since his debut in 2001, Steffen Schraut’s collections have been consistently minimalistic and yet reveal extraordinary attention to the details. The styles combine sophistication and flirty femininity through the thoughtful use of fur, lace, bows, fringe, ties, rhinestones and color-blocks. His pieces range in price from $150-$1200 USD.

Steffen Schraut works with one of the best European photographers, Gyslain Yarhi for his seasonal lookbooks. He worked with Anselm Woesler for a Spring 2011 collection video.

Goldplates Necklaces by Ana Locking

Goldplates necklaces are in the spotlight this Fall and Winter, due in part to Ana Locking’s latest Jewelry Collection called ‘Stance’.
Twisted metal nuts and gold plates dishes were mixed with natural pearls, metal mesh tubes were fitted and winded around the neck. The collection created a wonderful harmony between industrial and classic style.
image of Ana Locking Golden tube choker
image of ana locking Golden tube necklace
image of Ana Locking Golden nuts necklace
image of Ana Locking Golden nuts and pearls necklace
image of Ana Locking Golden discs and pearls necklace

Women’s Jackets for Winter 2011

Women have a lot of options when it comes to outerwear for Winter 2011. Some decide to go with options like Volcom from DogFunk while others choose to go with styles like Steve Madden. There are many updates to basic styles including the blazer, military jacket, trench coat and double-breasted coat. These updated basics, and a handful of new(er) jacket styles are adorned with modern touches like: belts, bows, fur, lace, metals and other materials specific to the season. Coats of all lengths can be found on the runways and on the streets for Fall and Winter 2011. You’ll see that the majority of jackets are mid-length; however if you are a fan of cropped, or long jackets, this winter is the season to invest in one. I recommend going for a m-length jacket (one that falls mid-thigh). As far as color palette goes, you can find jackets in deep reds, oranges, dark greens, blues and every shade and tone of neutral colors.

For inspiration, I’ve put together some of the best styles available this winter. If you’re ready to make a purchase – check out the assortment of women’s winter coats from JD Williams online.

image of Swing Jackets for winter 2011

Swing Coats:

Swing coats (pictured above) can be recognized by the way it “tents” or “bells out” at the bottom. The style is very feminine and romantic.  Swing jackets come is a variety of lengths this season – note the longer the jacket, the more it swings away from the body as you move.


image of double breasted jackets

Double-Breasted Jackets:

Double-Breasted Jackets (pictured above) give wearers that desired “hourglass” figure. The classic cut of a coat expressively emphasizes clean lines collar double-breasted, that visually lengthens the neck and makes a woman attractive.


image of Oval shaped jackets winter 2011

Oval Shaped Jackets:

Oval Shaped jackets (pictured above), is exactly that, and oval-shaped silhouette that has the most “room” in the midsection. The oval shape jacket usually has large pockets, collars and 3/4 length sleeves. The original shape of an oval coat came to us from the ’60s and permanently entrenched in the hardcore fashionistas wardrobes. I love this style for the season. The jackets looks great with skinny pants and fitted skirts.


How To Dress For A First Date

Women usually spend hours preparing for that all important first date, but as time progresses it is inevitable that men will start putting the same amount of thought. Women can tell a lot by a man’s clothes and first impressions count for a lot. As winter draws near, you will not only have to think about your clothes but also about the practicality of your choices, especially if you are going to walk her home.

There are a few things that women notice about a man, first their shoes and second that they have put in a certain amount of effort into their appearance. The rumor is that women can tell a lot about a man’s shoes. A boring pair of work shoes will not cut it, a pair of flip-flops will tell her that you haven’t really bothered and the same thing can be said about a pair of smelly old tennis shoes. This winter boots are making a comeback and newer designers are making waves in the industry, so you have no excuses – it’s time to pay up for some boots! A pair of Rick Owens boots would definitely make the right impression. Owens is known for combining glamor and practicality. By wearing a pair of these boots you will tell your date that not only are you stylish but that you have thought about being practical.

image of rick-owens-boots winter 2012

The same can be said about your coat choice. Women generally look for a man they can rely on. A smart but impractical coat would imply that you are no good at the practical things in life. The best way to start planning your outfit is to have a look at mens designer coats as this is the first thing your date will see. A well cut and flattering coat is definitely the right choice. You never know you might have to lend her your coat at the end of the night, so you don’t want it to be scruffy or smelly.

image of dior-double-breasted-coat-winter 2011image of dries-van-noten-alphonse-blazer-winter 2011

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should dress for the occasion. If you are going out for dinner then you need to look smart, but not too smart. If you interpret the situation correctly then your date will appreciate the effort you have put in. Remember don’t just let the clothes do the talking; you will have to impress too. The clothes can only get you so far.

Men’s Fashion: Winter Trends

As the cold weather sets in, wrapping up warm takes precedence if you’re venturing out of the house. You’ll still want to look and feel good though, so here are a few tips on the 2011 Autumn/Winter season key trends for mens clothes.

The soft touch is very much in, with cashmere, wool mix and chunky knits all making a big appearance this season. Warm, practical and classic, these are sure to keep you happy on the coldest days of the year. The key to color is to keep it neutral and add a splash of brightness elsewhere. The heavier sweaters (made of wool or knit) are ideal for wearing over a shirt at work and fantastic for casual weekends.

image of mens sweaters 2011

The military cut is still at large and bang on trend this Autumn/Winter. Buy a masculine military jacket with smooth lines and pair it with clean-cut jeans or trousers and chunky boots to make this look current and on trend. Colors like slate grey, olive green and black will go with anything in your wardrobe. You can find some stylish mens jackets online with retailers such as where they stock both military styles and leather jackets (mens leather jackets are also popular for Winter 2011).

image of club-monaco-spring-2011-mens-military-jacket-benjamin-striped-v-neck-owen-henley-slim-straight-jean-clarks-desert-boots

Rock Style
The rock style hasn’t changed a lot over the years.  Those comfortable, faded and ripped jeans teamed with your favorite band t-shirt will still be bang up for almost any casual outing this winter. Some metallic accessories such as a watch or bracelet) will update a classic look for 2011.

image of balmain-mens-spring-2011

This look can be a little difficult to achieve without ending up looking like a scarecrow crossed with the Michelin man, but keep your base layer light with clean-cut jeans and a fitted sweater, pair the look with a knee-length coat. And don’t forget the all important hat, scarf and gloves combo – remember it’s cold outside. Prints are big for this look, but stick to wearing printers on only one or two pieces, unless you like the rag-doll style (we don’t recommend the rag-doll look)!

image of Missoni Mens Fall 2011-3

Military style boots are key for this Winter season. Good news on those wet, icy days that, depending on where you live, will no doubt be frequent. Keep them as simple as possible so they can be worn with many things and may even keep going until next season. Remember neutral tones are best for shoes anyway, and military boots are no different. If they’re really not your style however, a classic, sturdy hiking style will keep your feet warm and dry too.

image of bally-winter-2009-05

Ana Locking Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 Maxi Necklaces

This nice people of the Ana Locking Team sent me a link to their Autumn Winter 2010-2011 ephemeral jewelry collection. The pieces are amazing, and in line with the last ephemeral jewelry collection Ana Locking put out.

The most stunning pieces of the collection (in my opinion) are the maxi-necklaces made with paraffin wax in Black, Blue and Pink, and set on brass bases.

image of Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Black Maxi Necklace

I particularly like the way the large Maxi looks on the male model Matvey. The look is totally appropriate for the runway, however I can’t imagine actually seeing, or appreciating an average man on the street wearing such a large necklace.

Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Blue Stone Maxi Necklace

I was unable to locate more images of this blue necklace, which is too bad because the color is stunning. I think a necklace like this would look ideal with a solid colored outfit…I’m imaging a deep tan or olive outfit would look amazing with it.

Ana Locking Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Pink Stone Maxi necklace

Who doesn’t enjoy looking pretty in pink?

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