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Time telling- Looking at Nixon Watches

Pulling out your iPhone to tell someone the time is getting a little old now. Sorry, but you’re no longer the only person who owns an iPhone. Now let’s get you a watch that suits you. Have you considered a Nixon watch? Well you should.

The Nixon brand conjures up images of Skaters, Surfers and Snowboarders. The brand has been around for over ten years and offers practical accessories like bags, wallets, headphones, and watches for both men and women. But you don’t have to be part of these subcultures to appreciate their well-designed and durable products.

You can sort through their watch pages or use the Nixon watch selector that uses gender, display, band material and color to find a suitable watch that fits your lifestyle. Nixon watches start at about $60.00 and range up to $2,600 with their Ceramic 51-30 watch. Work or play there’s probably a cleverly named watch that suits your taste.

If you are all work and need something that’s more than just regular everyday flair Nixon has created the 42-20 Chrono for both men and women. This style is offered in 8 different colors for men and 12 different colors for women, two of those models include Swarovski crystals if you want to turn fancy up a notch. Rose Gold and Antique Gold are two of my favorites but it also looks exceptionally classy in the Tortoise design. If you are a little less work and more play, the same model is taken further with the 42-20 Tide. This multi-functional version allows you to set both low and high tide so you know when to start wrapping up your end of the day duties and letting your friends now they can find you down by the beach. The Rubber Re-run is one of Nixon’s newer models that offers the basics if you are going on a run, heading to the gym or get the urge to go skinny dipping but want to keep track of time to show you’re somewhat responsible. Here it is shown in all white but also comes in Coral, Rhodo and Sky Blue if you’re looking for something not so basic and more vibrant. Some of the Nixon designs demand attention. The original format of these watches are taken apart and broken down to all face, all band, or no band at all. The Murf is all face and looks like a throw back to an old record player or radio dial from the early 70’s. The men’s Rotolog brings in natural elements through wood inlays that are contrasted against stainless steel and run throughout the whole watchband. The Highball, another new design is an extra large modern version of a man’s pocket watch. Its watches like these that are not for everyone and take some confidence to wear. Nixon's "The Highball" Nixon’s mission statement, also know as their “Vitals” page reads, “We make the little shit better. The stuff you have that isn’t noticed first, but can’t be ignored. We pay attention to it. We argue about it. We work day and night to make the little shit as good as it can be, so when you wear it, you feel like you’ve got a leg up on the rest of the world.

And they’re right regardless of what you do or how you do it, the functionality of their products goes a long way. The essentials Nixon offers get noticed and become part of your everyday life, jet setting trip or what others call your hobby but you consider a way of life. So if you need a time telling device that has more character than your iPhone you at least now know where to start.

New Menswear Label MENK

San Francisco based fashion designer Mansha Khithani recently launched menswear label MENK.

Menk’s debut Fall/Winter 2010 collection is rooted in detail, craftsmanship and fit. The collection is constructed of the finest in cotton-linen, pure cotton and wool fabrics. You’ll find a selection of jackets and shirts that are ideal for Northern California’s crisp autumn and winter weather.

Just a bit daring and always crafted to the highest standards, MENK is a brand that will quickly become a fashion standard for an active urban lifestyle.

image of Menk Linen Chambray Band Shirt
image of Menk Poplin Shirt
image of Menk wool herringbone sport coat

The pieces can be purchased online at Menk. Menk is also available in San Francisco at Mission Statement and Wonderland SF Gallery and Boutique.

Rugby Holiday 2010 Lookbook

image of rugby holiday lookbook

Rugby Ralph Lauren launched the first batch of their Holiday 2010 collection in stores and at on October 13th. The collection features all the great preppy pieces we’ve grown to expect from Rugby; cargo pants, tweed jackets, blazers, cardigans and sweaters. Unfortunately nothing about the collection is really that new or cutting edge – Rugby is known for playing it safe, and that is what they’ve done once more with the Holiday collection.

There are a couple of pieces I especially like; the evergreen tree/reindeer womens sweater as well as the burgundy, yellow and black stripped mens blazer.

What do you like?

image of rugby holiday lookbook sweater
image of rugby holiday lookbook guys
image of rugby holiday lookbook striped blazer
image of rugby holiday lookbook sidecar

Blog Bust:

This blog aims to wean hipster men from their iconic t-shirts (some of which were probably purchased at, sad I know) and transform their taste buds into something more creative. features an extensive video collection which will help men learn how to achieve great style at great prices. See Patrick Grant’s video titled: How I get Dressed, shown below to get a taste of what this site is about.

Patrick Grant: How I Get Dressed from Chris Floyd on Vimeo.

If you’re man isn’t following this blog, get him to, pronto!

Diesel Black Gold Video Featuring Menswear Collection

Diesel Black Gold released this video of their menswear collection which features the music of UK electro-indie rock band These New Puritans. Diesel Black Gold’s video features male models exuding that detached coolness they’re probably born with while lazing in a white room where the ghost of a woman wanders around as well in like a parallel white room universe. Original, yes; over the top, come on – it’s Diesel.

I’m anxious to see how much publicity this little video gives the Italian brand.

WAKE t-shirt by Phil Jones

I love love love the design of this shirt by Phil Jones. Horizontal stripes on sleeves are my favorite. If you dig this shirt as much as I do, go vote for it on Threadless.

Chain Wallet Trend on Idol this Season

image of a chain wallet

I’m not sure if you noticed, but the male contestants of American Idol this season were loving the wallet chains (see Big Mike’s ridiculously large chain in the Idol Finalists group shot below). Big Mike, Andrew Garcia, Lee Dewyze and even Casey James have performed live, in front of all of us wearing chains, and some of them on numerous occasions.

image of American Idol contestants 2010

Chain wallets, or wallet chains, or wallets with chains (call them what you want) infiltrated the masses from a small subset known as ‘bikers.’ These motorcyclists have a real purpose for the chain wallets, because without them their wallets could easily slip out their back pockets at high speeds. During the 70’s-80’s these chains became popular in the punk scene, I presume because the chains went along with their tough, obscure look. And honestly, if the chained wallets works in any part of society (outside the biker community), I would say they work best with the punk rockers. Something about the frail bodies and black clothing compliments that chains well.

The resurgence of the trend on typical American’s as modeled by the men of Idol this season can’t be explained as easily, unless of course we just blame it on the American Idol stylists. Let’s face it, I doubt these contestants rocked the chains prior to the show. What would they have needed these wallet chains for? In my opinion this look is very douchie on the average guy…and Big Mike.

Menswear Makes a Comeback in Women’s Fashion

There is a yo-yo effect between ultra feminine and masculine influences in women’s fashion and each season, the balance is shifted to one side or the other. This season, menswear has made a splash and it’s hard to argue that this laidback and sophisticated trend is anything but ultra chic.

This trend can be hard to wear if you’re not careful. It can come across very “power-suit” and “formal”. The key to wearing this trend is well fitting pieces like a stand out blazer or a bowtie and incorporating it into your style, not letting it overwhelm your daily outfits. You want to look like you raided your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or brother’s closet for something to give the perfect final touch to your outfit, not because you needed to borrow a complete outfit.

If you are not brave enough to dive into broad shoulder blazers, long pressed work shirts, or even menswear inspired slacks… try out masculine shoes. Urban Outfitters has an amazing assortment of shoes that can add just enough “manliness” to any ultra feminine outfit.

This spring/summer trend is so easy to wear daily that it’s hard to pass up! If you are iffy about going out and buying brand new pieces to add to your closet, try a thrift store or ask to borrow something from a male in your life. I can promise that if you make an investment in a neutral but stylish menswear inspired basic, you will never regret it and will be able to wear it every season.

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