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Top Ten As Seen on TV Fashion and Beauty Gifts

For guys and gals who stay on top of all the latest fashions and beauty products, you’ll want to shop As Seen On TV’s store for the most popular trends.  From Side Sleeper Pro, which helps you improve posture and restfulness so you get the most out of your beauty sleep to Trendy Top, the discreet layering piece that every fashionable gal needs in her wardrobe, you’ll find the best selection for health, fashion and beauty at As Seen on TV, where there’s something for everyone on your shopping list!

  1. Beauty is pain is a thing of the past (at least for your feet) with Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports!  Strutz lets your girlfriends strut their stuff even in high heels and guys strut in the manliest of boots.  It’s a win win!
  2. Put the spring in their step with  Miracle Socks that massage as you move. Like Botox for legs, these socks relieve symptoms of spider and varicose veins.  Using graduated compression, they also give revitalizing benefits – soothing, massaging and energizing tired legs and feet.  Discreet and perfect for everyday use with any shoes, they reduce swelling and enhance circulation.
  3. Shimmer Glitter tattoos dazzle! Waterproof and easily removable with baby oil, they last for just seven days — a gift your tattoo commitment phobic friends and family can enjoy!
  4. With Twist and Clip, it’s just that easy to pull your hair together in a cinch for all day and night style.
  5. Give the beauty enthusiast the gift of a salon experience in the comfort of his or her home with Pedi Spin.
  6. For the man who likes to stay perfectly groomed between barbershop visits, give him the MicroTouch Max, so that he can touch up any time with precision.  Gentle for those sensitive areas and power for the toughest spots, he’ll be pleased.
  7.  Every fashionista needs a Bedazzler to take an ensemble from dull to dazzling.  From rhinestones, stars, to studs, the Bedazzler transforms hats, shirts, scarves to belts with customized bling.
  8. Give the gift of comfortable fit with Stretch Genie.  Shoes and gloves never have to be too tight!
  9. Palm Sized Wallet: The perfect gift for the already organized or the aspiring organizer!
  10. Trendy Top is perfect for ladies who want to achieve the layered look and stay active without any wardrobe malfunctioning!

Top Ten As Seen On TV Kids Gifts

Kids know what’s cool.  Whether they’ve seen it on TV, or at a friend’s house, give them the gift they really want.  From Pillow Pet Dream Lites to the Cotton Candy Maker you’ll be sure to delight them with these top ten gifts from the As Seen on TV store.
  1. Spark their creativity!  Young artists will love Magna Color.  With a unique pen, kids can color in stencil designs, and place colorful magnetic dots to form a picture.  Then, with a pair of 3D glasses, the designs transform to 3D!
  2. Give the gift of quality time with My Lil Pie Maker! Cooks can incorporate their little helper in the kitchen to make sweet and savory pies in miniature form.
  3. Make bed time fun with Pillow Pet Dream Lites!  These pillow pets turn a dark room into a starry night sky and make bedtime comforting and restful.
  4. Slushies without ice or blenders, that’s Slushy Magic!  No fuss no muss, so kids and parents can enjoy!
  5. The Claw makes the journey half the fun!  Like a miniature version of the arcade game, the claw tests your joystick skills to reach for miniature toys or candies.  Great for parties or playtime, the Claw provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.
  6. Friendly Songs Customized Child Music Kit lets kids play music star with a personalized CD Kit for recording and creating a customized CD!
  7. Gift the young scholar the Homework Caddy and eliminate the guesswork out of schoolwork organization.
  8. Criss Angel Magic Platinum Kit teaches budding to advanced magicians Angel’s best kept secrets with instructional videos and cards for plenty of mind teasing fun.
  9. Butterfly Garden shows kids the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a chrysalid, and then finally a Painted Lady butterfly.  Larvae will take five weeks to develop, but when the time’s right kids will love the joy of then releasing them into the wild.
  10. Delight the kid in every adult or impress the little ones with this Old Fashioned Carnival Style Cotton Candy Maker.  With air spin design, the candy maker produces tasty candy floss – great fun for the whole family.

Karl for Christmas

Looking for a small something for your fashion friends? Then the Karl Lagerfeld snow globe might take your fancy.

The snow globe has been created to go along with Lagerfeld’s capsule makeup collection that will be sold exclusively at Sephora (more details on his makeup line to come shortly). The snow globe features a quote from the designer.

image of karl lagerfeld snow globe

Mon plus grand luxe est de n’avoir a me justifier aupres de personne.

For those of us who aren’t francophones, the quote translates to “My greatest luxury is never to have to justify myself too anyone.”



The indi Holiday Fit Kit

image of indicustom gift guide

indiDenim and indiTailored have joined forces to become indiCustom, just in time for the Holidays! .The new project is introducing the indi Holiday Fit Kit.

indi Holiday Fit Kit is packed with tools to help customers design their own custom clothing such as measuring tape, and fabric swatches of shirts and jeans in order to assist when ordering on line. And of course the kit also comes with a personalized gift card message.

The indi Holiday Fit Kits are free with any gift card purchase from now through December 22nd.

Having troubles finding someone a Christmas gifts? Purchase an indi gift card at

Stay Indoors: Gifts for Her

As the days get shorter and nights get colder I become more interested in staying indoors during my free time. I know I’m not alone on this, so why not give your friends and girlfriends presents that make them enjoy hibernation a little more? These luxury items are things us girls feel guilty buying for ourselves – therefore they make fabulous gifts!
image of Stay at Home Gifts for Her

  • New wine glasses are on everyone’s wish list. Get your girls Braided Pewter Stemware by Patrick Meyer $68.00. They will hold onto these non-traditional, artistic glasses for many holidays to come. The braided wine glasses are what I call ‘show stoppers’.
  • If you have a friend who watches a ton of TV and movies at home the Camp Blanket Booty Buddy $78.00is an ideal gift for them. This poncho/blanket puts the slanket and snuggie to shame!
  • If the home decor junkie is on your gift list, give them colored Chroma Candlestick holders $28. The colors and lacquer finish SCREAM 2011 home decor and fashion trends. This home decor junkie will really appreciate your understanding of color palettes.
  • Do you have friends who love hard liquor? Class up these trashy friends with a Decanter and Shot Glasses Set $27.99. This set is simple and timeless.
  • Um Leather Pillows $75-$179…these are to die for. I don’t think these will bring anyone comfort, but they will bring people joy because of their beauty and originality. This is a super safe gift bet in my opinion (unless your friend is a strict vegan).
  • Your artistic and nature loving friends will appreciate some wall art like Natural by Dibec $25.00. Newsflash, Urban Outfitters collaborated with Society6 Artists to create a Print Shop. The pieces here are amazing and affordable.

Urban Dweller Chick Gifts

This season as I shop online for family, friends, and my fiance, I keep getting distracted by cute items I want for myself – and I want them now! It doesn’t help that so many retailers have going-out-of-business type sales these days. Who can resist a good sale? In November, I had a new package of clothing, accessories, or makeup arrive nearly every third day; my savings stash is shrinking quickly and Tyler is getting a little annoyed with my impulsiveness.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite picks for who I call the “Urban Dweller Chick”. An Urban Dweller chick is someone who doesn’t play by the rules and enjoys mixing and matching her wardrobe and lifestyle. She probably strives to be a Jane of all trades.

image of Urban Dweller Gifts

Items pictured above:

Throughout the season I’ll bring you the best items I think of for the ladies, and maybe even some men if I get around to it. Hopefully some of my picks help you, and ladies, don’t forget to send this url to your boyfriends and hubbies who have a hard time picking out presents for you!

GoVinoWine Glasses

GoVinowine Wine Glasses make unbreakable, recyclable wine glasses ($3 each). The glasses are made of a polymer composition (aka plastics), which sounds cheap but the producers claim it flatters your drink the way crystal does. Plus you can be green and recycle these glasses when they lose their luster.

Gifts of White Ceramic & Porcelain


I strongly suggest giving gifts of ceramic and porcelain this year; the look is very classy. I also think picking pieces in white are both season appropriate and pair nicely with most peoples’ home decor. Here are some of the best pieces out this season.

1. Rob Brandt’s Ceramic Ceramic Cups, $10-$12. Netherlands ceramicist Rob Brandt introduced them in 1975, and three decades later the crinkle effect only underscores the ingenious statement they make on our disposable culture.

2. Vast Design’s Circle Carafe, $45 originally $90. A sleek interpretation of the traditional Greek vessel used at ceremonies, because the shape symbolizes the union and the circle of life.

3. BROOKLYNrehab’s Little Ceramic Owl, $20. Hand cast porcelain owl made from a vintage salt shaker mold. He sits proud and will make a lovely addition to a bookshelf for tablescape.

4. Patrick Morris & Boskke’s Sky Planter. Flip your fern, herbs or other house plants on their heads with these planters available in mini $25 – medium $75. New Zealand designer Patrick Morris offers a new way of enjoying plants with his revolutionary process.

5. Kikkerland’s Ceramic Salt & Pepper Men, $12. Adorable little shakers held together with magnet power! And yes, the grains shake out through their eye holes.

6. Studio Prics’s Filigree Skull Money Box, $275. Ceramicost Daniel Pire? envisioned porcelain lace..or filigree, which he applied to enchanting effect on this skull moneybox. This money box must go under the hammer to access any savings inside, forcing the coin collector to come to terms with what exactly is most precious…

7. MichikoShimada’s Vita Salt & Pepper Shakers, $28. Tres Chic! Porcelain with glossy clear glaze. Cork stopper.

8. Studio Qubus’ Little Joseph Candle Holder, $115. Always loved those antique ceramic dolls heads that become detached from their bodies? Us too. Here, the baby head serves as the holder for a candle, and as the candle melts it becomes “hair” for the bald pate.

9. Sagaform’s Tri Herb Pot, $48. Scandinavian in its simple, unadorned and practical design. Insert a bunch in the enlarged opening, and keep hydrated by pouring water into the corner hole.

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